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2 grams of dank silver haze

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, May 28, 2010.

  1. My dealer is trying to hook me up with some dank , called Silver Haze.

    Im new to weed. Only really have done mids.

    He's offering me 2 nice grams for $40.00

    Is that a good price? I'm trying to conserve my weed though, I might be a bit dry on money this summer.

    I figure 2 hits isn't much, and im sure 2 hits of headies will knock me hard. So i'll have each session 2 hits.

    Is this a good price? Is Haze a good strain?
  2. I wouldn't buy that. Too expensive.

    But depends where you are. In some places thats a average price.
  3. Maryland. =/

    I wanted a connection for mids tonight but no luck... oh well.

    Maryland is really pricey. 25 a g of dank is standard here. ;-;
  4. i am 99% sure that it is not the strain the dealer said it is, those guys bullshit to make it look better. just judge it by the thc crystals, greenness, and stickyness. if it looks like really good dank then it is worth it.
  5. usually you can nock down the price. the stuff my friend gets is $20 a g and he gets a 2 grams for $30. try to con him down to that price
  6. If its actually super silver haze that was grown right then yeah its worth the 40.
  7. I'm in MD but I sure as hell will never pay more then $15 at most for a gram of dank - Keep expanding your connects prices will go down.
  8. My dealer is legit, it def is haze.
    He bought it from a grower in PA
  9. then buy it especially if dank is normally 25 a g over there.
  10. Sucks about the prices but at least your going to get some quality bud.

    Here in Ontario all dank is 10 a g :cool:
  11. $20 a gram is what I pay. I get a little discount when I buy 1/8 ths or 1/4 's.
    1/8 $60
    1/4 $120
  12. Where're you from? I lived all over MD.
  13. Alright here's what I ended up with.

    Made it $35 for a gram of.. something called blueberry and a gram of haze.

    Here's what I can get off them:

    The Silver Haze smells like honey, has that real honey smell, with a hint of spice. I smelled my trainwreck vs. the haze, and the haze is a lot stronger smelling. However, no noticeable crystals hardly any. Lots of hair though. Dark green.

    The blueberry smells strong too. Has kinda a rotten fruit smell or fruity kinda smell. These were more dense. These nuggets had orange hairs and were very hairy. Mostly light green.

    Both were very fuzzy

    Does that sound legit?

    I know I need pics. But based on my description..
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    Don't pay over $20 for a gram. $40 for 2 grams is a good deal, especially if it's legit Silver Haze. I suggest taking a hit every five minutes until your bowl is done. I find this technique to make my sesh and high last much longer, as well as make it more enjoyable.

    By the way, Blueberry is also a notoriously potent strain along with Silver Haze. 2 grams for $35 is a deal, snag it. Enjoy!
  15. if it is legit silver haze, what are some of the symptoms of haze? -- ill post back
    i'm really new to headies so yeah

    ill post back on friday night and let you guys know how the haze went. :smoking:
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    Give this a look, by the way I edited my post to incorporate your last one as well.

    Silver Haze is sativa.


  17. the price is normal for the east, but what do you mean by getting 2 hits? Two grams of dank should be really fluffy and/or dense and it goes pretty far in terms of bowls. Are you sharing with a group? im confused.:smoking:
  18. yeah it does kinda look like it.

    the haze is so light and fluffy that every time i touch it , it feels kinda moist and wants to break off. seems really really fragile.

    If I take 1 hit and feel a strong high right away, will I know it's haze?
    Remember I only have smoked mids
  19. Well the high usually takes time to set in which is why I recommended what I did to you before. Simply pack a nice bowl and corner it. Light the edge of the bowl just enough so the corner burns and once you're almost done hitting it put a quarter over the top of your bowl and block all holes (with your mouth, finger and quarter). This will cause the amber to go out and then inhale the remaining smoke and continue to inhale oxygen until your lungs are full. Hold that hit for five seconds and wait five minutes. If the effects are not strong enough, continue. If they are then just put your bowl away for another time, but leave it packed and ready to go. Hopefully that makes sense.

    Also, don't expect two buds to ever look exactly alike. Each plant is different, along with each bud on those plants. Not saying you did that, just warning you. Just because someone says they have Purple Haze does not mean it has to be purple at all, that's simply a misunderstanding. Many things like that are determined by variables altered during growing and harvesting.
  20. Alright a few things:
    I have smoked silver haze before. best high i've ever had.
    I also live in Maryland.
    Never pay more than 20 a gram.
    I get quality dank for 20 a gram, but I don't buy in bulk so I wind up payin like 14 a gram.
    Don't worry about if it's silver haze. start out buying a little if its a great high, buy more.

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