2 gods gift clones

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  1. So yesterday I picked up what i thought were two young clones from a local grower in town. They are 2 gods gift and he had them growing in a 100% coco red solo cup. They were super healthy when i picked them up but a little droopy after a few hours under my lights they perked up pretty quickly

    They are now in 3 gallon ocean forest soil and they took to the soil perfectly with no visible signs of soil shock.

    I have them under 2 cfls (1 at 300 watts and the other at 150w) and a 50w led. When I picked up these guys i was under the impression they were young teens and a bit away from flowering so i figured for now this lighting would be plenty.

    After a more thorough inspection i found out both of these bad boys are shooting pistils. My plan was to keep them under a 24 hour cycle for a week or so then move to a 16/8 till they were ready for the full 12/12 flip but I think what I am going to do is keep them under the 24 cycle till im completely ready for all the duties of flowering (proper lighting, sealed off room and a decent carbon filter to clean the smell).

    Any suggestion are REALLY appreciated, I have only grown once and i had to kill the plant before it began to flower.
  2. the first few pics are right after i picked them up and you can tell they are a little droopy

    if someone could confirm those are pistils that would help i'm only using the knowledge i have received from reading these forums so please critic.

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  3. Here they are finally perking for light

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  4. So I built a grow tent today because these plants are ready to do into flower and I don't want to risk the smell also it helped arrange and organize my grow

    Also I've been talking to some local growers and the led thing is a new area of lighting so I'm supplementing the CFLs with the 2 of the "Miracle LED" 50 watt bulbs but the lighting is kind of scarce so I may throw in a few 150 watt CFLs to add some power for the flowering.

    Also how often should I be watering them I've watered them a lot recently because they had very minor problems with the move and building the tent took them off the lights for about an hour

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  6. you should be watering every morning/beginning of light cycle/"their" morning. water them until it starts to drain. IMO a three gallon container needs about 3/4 gallon water every morning. don't forget to remove excess moisture immediately or asap to avoid mold (I personally use a small shop vac to get it all up quickly).

    what's the total wattage of your setup right now?

    looks like pistils to me in that one picture!
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    I water every 2 days at lights on. But with everyone its different, really depends on conditions i guess.What are your temps/humidity like?
  8. I will post some more pictures when the lights are on but for now the total wattage is 750. My humidity was a problem but I threw in an inline fan and a mini dehumidifier so it been between 40-55 and the temp doesn't get above 80 or below 60.
  9. So just an update I threw in another cfl this time only 150 watts keeping the room at 750 watts. I included a picture of the leaves because I think they are different strains.

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  10. So just an update I added some new lights. I did some research and found out I was not using the correct spectrum so I added 2 more 160w 6400k instead of the 2700k I have move 6500k CFLs which will replace the remaining veg CFLs.

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  11. Plants look amazing bro!
  12. so this 320w of clfs need no ballast? Someone told me they don't need them recently, but i didn't believe it. it's true?
  13. Ya CFLs are self contained ballasts
  14. that's crazy. I'm totally getting some.
  15. I love them they are super cheap and plants love them!
  16. they look awsome man subd
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    I know I just updated but I found some early bud formations covering my plants

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  18. Ok so this morning my girlfriend forgot and turned the closet light on so I had to turn them on about an hour early.

    Yesterday I did some trimming on the lower branches and the growth was noticeable overnight one of the leaves was literally touching a CFL so they are growing pretty quick now. I also changed my bulbs out I but in 4 200w 6500k and 1 160w 6500k so I should be pushing close to 1k wattage

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  19. Also if you notice in some of the pictures I have branches that are red. I've read a few different things that claim it's a sign of purple or red hues if I can keep the room cool

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