2 friends died

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  1. back in my old hood, one of the people i used to smoke with sometimes got shot. the story on it is twisted. i feel bad but he got what he deserved. most of the *****s that knew him wont even go to hi funeral because they said they dont go to funerals of those who rob their family. my friend nick got caught up in it too, like it says in the story.

    Man shoots, kills intruder during home invasion, intruder turns out to be man's grandson | TOP STORIES | WHAS11.com | News for Louisville, Kentucky

    my other friend who was a military police got killed by a reckless driver. he got t boned because an idiot couldnt stop at a stop sign. he was a very good friend and i regret not hanging out with him.

    it sucks how fast you can lose everything around you. enjoy everything you have because youre lucky to even have it.
  2. sad man. Im gonna smoke 2 bowls for them. :(. how are you taking their deaths?
  3. i first found out about the one in the wreck. i was crying on and off all day, at school and at the house. the next day i was ok, i just thought about it a lot. then today i find out about the one getting shot and i actually kind of expected that to happen because he started robbing people left and right. i told him to slow his role before he runs into the wrong person. i think its cause he did OC's and was turning into a fiend.
  4. yup, be thankful everyday for what you have. You can lose anything, people, abilities, resources, anything anytime.
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    fucked up world

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  6. Drugs are bad mmkay
    THIS is why legalization is so important.
  7. I know nothing I say will be comforting to you right now... but I am very sorry for your losses.
  8. fuck i lost a friend to cancer last week...... she was 19.... i know how it feels man... i wish i could smoke a bowl for them but i quit blazing (for a couple months)
  9. Sorry for your losses man. Hang in there, time heals all wounds.
  10. ah that's fucked up, i read the article. sorry for your loss, bro. i hope you feel better.

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