2 friends died

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Talon, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. one was an idiot. i smoked with him a few times and he was cool, but good thing i never brought money around this fool. dude tried to rob his gramps wtf. heres the news story:

    Man shoots, kills intruder during home invasion, intruder turns out to be man's grandson | TOP STORIES | WHAS11.com | News for Louisville, Kentucky

    then my friend mekee got into a wreck and died. some idiot blew a stop sign and T boned him and sent him flipping into a ditch. he was dead by the time someone got to him. military police. knew em for like 6 years, were really good friends. used to race our cars. used to smoke in his car even though he disliked weed and he didnt care he thought it was an adrenaline rush to know if a cop got behind us, that WE HAD TO RUN.

    one day i drank some of his dads liquor and he had to put (a LOT of) water in it to level it back up. we called up a friend with a old 4x4to pick us up so we could all go to the mall. we ran into and raced his lil bro in his b16 civic. dude in the 4x4 (i was riding shotgun) JUST FUCKING TURNED OFF TEH ROAD AND DROVE THRU THE MOTHERFUCKING FIELD. we ended up meeting at an intersection lol.
  2. Man, remember the good times....no hurt in that.
  3. i feel for ya bro.. recently one of my best friends was shot and found in a trash can, over something stupid as 500$ and a set of rims. its mind boggling but you just gotta keep your head up and focus on the good shit

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