2 days old seedling already brown leafs.

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    so the seeds are going on day 2 since they sprouted and iam seeing brown on the leafs. i placed the lamp 4" inches from plant not sure if thats burning them.
  2. If that light is bigger than 30 watts (By the looks of it I'm guessing it is) you should move it farther away than that. Seedlings can't handle that much light. Even when they are bigger they won't need the light that close due to it's size.

    What kind of medium are you using? It might be too hot for seedlings. Nute burning your little babies.
  3. yea lights are 200 watt monster cfl and 2ea 17 watt growlights. room temp is 82 degrees, also using a mix of regular soil mix with fox farm ocean forest. i will move the light about 12" away from seedlings.
  4. i moved the lights 12" away this time so hopefully that does help.
  5. Oh Yah! They might appreciate that! Soil is good, that's what I use. Good Luck!
  6. thanks for your help. rookie mistake 1. lol

  7. seedlings need "zero" nutes for the first couple weeks or so. you're prob. burning your plants.....

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