2 cops shot...

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  1. They just broke in on the news saying that 2 cops were shot in my area. To be cautious that there is an armed man running around. I turned to the other local channel and it happened like 3-4 minutes from where I live. Right now helicopters are flying over head and everything. Craziest thing to happen around here in awhile.
  2. haha damn. They just injured or has it not said?
  3. One was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and the other in a helicopter... That plus what I said in the other post is all they've said. It just happened maybe 15-20 minutes ago.
  4. Better get your gun!
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    No gun needed, man... I picked up a few karate moves from the street fighter game.
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    lock your doors
  7. Funny. That made me think of this movie...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkLXdLgOybE"]YouTube - Indiana Jones and the shoot of death[/ame]
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    Karate won't stop a bullet buddy!

    Sneak out behind him and snap his neck Solid Snake style, he'll never have a chance...

    EDIT: LMFAO at the post above...
  9. Indiana Jones is the man... I also picked up a few moves from him. I can run from huge boulders and slide under a closing walls like its second nature.
  10. Nah, man... I got a move for that. I would show you but then one too many people would know it.
  11. if you learn how to crack a bullwhip good, thats the only weapon you need. i would love to see a guy whip out his bullwhip and take a gun out of someones hand.. then rap the guy up in the whip. then proceed to pound the fuck out of his face with the handle of the whip.

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