2 cops in doorway to my room, weed everywhere

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  1. Hey Grasscity, just wanted to share this crazy shit that happened to me last night. To preface, I live in a 6 bedroom house with 5 other guys (other dude split but thats another story). It's a two story house but you enter on the top floor and all of the occupied rooms are on the lower story. Anyways, I was just chilling in my room with a couple of my roommates and our friends playing Call of Duty and smoking bong loads. We're just chillin, when I look up at my door and there's 2 cops standing in the doorway with flashlights pointing at us! There were containers of weed everywhere, one of my roommates had a half O on his lap and a scale, and my other roommate had my bong in his lap. All of us were just like :eek:. Now this would normally be a terrible situation, but in my case it was even worse. I had gotten busted for possession under an ounce a couple months ago and yesterday I went to court and got my case dismissed by given them a DNA swab for their database. So my mind was basically just like "WTF NO, THIS CANT BE HAPPENING." The cops asked who lived at the house and everybody was silent for a couple seconds then he said "What? Am I speaking a foreign language?" We told him who did and one of my roommates went upstairs with him. When he came back he told us the cops had come in because my roommates car was parked 3 feet away from the curb, he left his door open, and our front door was open, so they thought some shit might be going down or something. One of them told him that they didn't give a fuck about the weed and then said that the other cop smoked weed and something about brownies. After we all calmed down and realized we were fine we took some more bong rips. This was definitely one of the strangest situations I've ever been in. And then to top off the night, my blacked out drunk roommate came into the house screaming and punched 5 holes in our walls. Weird shit.
  2. Wow man crazy story. Your buddy must have really wanted to get high if he left both the door to the house and his car wide open haha.
  3. Damn thats so scary man. but why would you leave the door open?
  4. Your friend was too damn baked for his own good...

    I can see the door for the house, but the car door? For real?
  5. Damnnnnn...you lucked out
  6. I don't know, my roommate thinks he closed his door and locked his car, but left a window open and someone else opened it, but I don't really know. And our front door is open a lot because we are good friends with the people who live across the street so we are in and out of each others houses all the time.

    Also, I don't think the cops could have busted us for the weed even if they wanted to because they just walked into our house. They didn't have probable cause to come search us or anything.
  7. You're extremely lucky, if they did want to bust you, they woulda made up some sort of BS excuse lol. Take it easy, close your door.
  8. Seeing the weed from the outside the doorway is enough to just stroll on in. Still a wild story though.
  9. Alcohol almost got you fucked, and you weren't even drinking it lol
  10. You guys are sooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky.
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    I'm starting to notice that a lot of ppl forget to close their car doors when high...pretty strange if u ask me
  12. They couldn't see the weed from outside. My room is downstairs and you enter the house on the upper story. They walked in, walked down the stairs, then showed up in the doorway to my room and saw the weed.
  13. You should have had that cop join the rotation or at least given him a bong rip! That would have been amazing!:smoke: Maybe hes even a member here!

    Also, you had great luck. That could have been so bad. You gotta think about shit like that when you are high. It could have been so much worse.

  14. Like last night me and 2 other friends were riding in a 3 seat truck all blowed. I was sitting in the middle. We parked and I got out on the passenger side after my friend got out first. The driver was walking to the mcdonalds entrance and was like CLOSE MY FUCKING DOOR when I didn't even get out on his side.
  15. Hahah, good read.
  16. Crazy story man. Do what i do always double or triple check everything you do just in case.
  17. Am I the only one who thinks this is completely made up?

    What's going on?
  18. cool paragraphs bro
  19. As soon as he said he didn't care i totally would of been that guy to offer him some.
  20. Thank you. As soon as i heard him say the cop didnt give a shit and said his friend smoked too i was like wow thats a load of fucking bs. Idk why all these people believe it. But then again anything is possible.

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