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Discussion in 'General' started by Indie, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone tried it? Im thinking of getting some but whats it like and is it really as painful as described when you take it?
  2. yeah ive done it three times. it fucking KILLS your nose for the first 15 mins. The spicy drip makes you want to gag. its a bomb drug nonetheless.. after about 15 mins you will have the bombest time ever. enjoy
  3. What is 2cb?
  4. I got a capsule with a "dose" of 2cb in it from a friend. Not trusting his methods of mesurement for a dose that should be in the mg's I split it with a friend. The effects were comparable to some E I got that was cut with speed supposedly, without the staying awake forever affect. A friend that took a full dose said there were cool but slight visuals and said it felt alot like E.
  5. If anyone knows a legit site that has 2cb that ships to the states please PM me.
  6. 2cb is schedule 1 in the united states, I dont think you will be getting it sent here...

    Anyone eaten it orally?

    What was it like?
  7. it was pretty intense, more so than 2ci yet not more intense in the body high than mental, I got straight up fucked but i had been drinking and popping vics while trying it for the first and only time, id try it if you sorta know what to expect, if not

  8. That's how I took it.

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