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2 AM pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NJ Toker 908, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    nice little quarter for $10 cuz my boy had to get rid of it. well thats whats left.

    all i could get at 2 AM
  2. Dam man! $10 for a quarter of what looks to be some ok shit!?!?!

    Nice pickup! Dam!
  3. its not that great of shit, but i mean its 2 am and for 10 no complaints
  4. Haha the 908. I used to live up in north jersey. Moved outta the state though. But damn dude for 10 bucks a quarter?! Thats good for any buds. Looks pretty good. Smoke it down man
  5. cheap bag at 2 am lol
  6. I think we are missing part of your story. JK

    Any seeds?:smoke:

  7. haha a 1/4 for ten bucks at 2am.... that cant be beat haha :smoking:

    smoke a bowl for the city and tell us the high :bongin:

    oh and welcome to gc
  8. LOL quarter for 10 bucks and your saying smoke a bowl! Smoke a damn fat ass blunt.
  9. hes obviously been chiefing since like 3g is pictured and its only 2:55
  10. well i just finished so fucking high...its crazy...

    and my boy lives wit momma dukes and she told him to get rid of it and hec alled me up and was like dude how much cash u got. i was like uhhhh 10. and he said to get to his house so i did and BAM a quarter....fuckin great.

    its a full body high and its nice

  11. haha ^^^ your right your right

    i hope you smoked a fat blunt, and your about to pass out huh?
  12. damn dude that price is killer!
  13. Well im comming back to this to tell you a little story about this.

    well i went to sleep right after a smoked all that. and i had the most cracked out dream and its mad funny.

    i was driving in my old town where i lived and i was on a street that magically turned into a dead end and 2 of my friends were there. everythime one of them would breathe in my direction i would like die and come back to life. so i started getting mad cuz it was annoying and tried to drive away and ran up on some dudes lawn and hit his house and a fountain and a tree, left tire marks everywhere so i decided to ditch my car, stole their lawn mower and started it and walked down the sidewalk. a cop came up to me and asked me if i knew anything so i was like nah im just mowing the side walk. so i walked the three blocks home and then went to sleep. woke up the next day thinking it never happened but there was a lawn mower in my room so i went back to the house and saw my car and i was like FUCK. and then i woke up cuz some1 called me.

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