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'2' a day ers'

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonervap, May 5, 2011.

  1. I haven't been smoking for too long, is twice a day too much or am i just stressing. is it worth it to what a whole day or two
  2. Its only too much if you cant continue your regular life and smoke 2 times a day... i know some people who smoke 2-3 times a week, and then others like myself who are high all day but functional.... its all on a personal level, if you feel like 2 times a day is too much, it might be for you....
  3. How are you smoking? Blunts, bong, vapes? All vary A LOT for tolerance levels.
  4. Dude, honestly, I've been smoking for awhile, and my advice is to blaze in moderation. Weed is not bad if you use it right, but I know alot of people who have abused it. Not weed's fault. Just remember that you are responsible for whatever happens. If it's not getting in the way of your daily life or causing you to lose performance at work/school, then I don't see any issue.
  5. Depends on whether or not it lessens your ability to take care of your responsibilities. If it doesn't, then you're fine.
  6. Yeah, I used to smoke multiple times a day... as long as you can function and go to work and still have motivation your on the right track.
  7. apple pipes lol. haven't gotten a real pipe yet. also what i mean by 2 a day is, is it going to be enjoyable the second time or is it worth it to wait a day or too. its kush b.t.w
  8. I think I misunderstood the question. If you mean in general then that's up to you personally. Talk to yourself and find your limit.

    For me, the second high of the day is not as good as the first.
  9. gotcha man. thx everyone.
    Keep enjoying the herb of life. given to us by a higher being
  10. Dude, honestly the quality of the weed can't be told just by knowing the strain. Also, you don't know for sure it's kush unless you got it from a dispensary. Smoking twice a day is fine. The first high will be longer/better though.

  11. or if you know the grower/ grow your own lol. I was getting legit strains far far before i was a med patient, but boulder is packed with growers so you find them pretty quickly

  12. True that. I was just assuming he's new and got 'em off some dealer who told him it's "kush".

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