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2-600w how many plants can i grow?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by 3spiderman, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. i've got 2 600w hps and wanted to know how many plants i can grow and what might outcome could be. any help or suggestions plz?

    2-hydroponic flood and drain4x4
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    There are several things that need to be taken into account when answering a question like that. Normally you could comfortably get 15-16 plants under that much lighting. You would also need extra space and lighting for seedlings/vegging plants of course. With that many plants you'll definately need to invest in a metal halide light as well. Say you were to have access to a whole room to grow in and have some cash, you could invest in a light mover to cover even more area. It's really up to what kind of budget you have and how much room you can work with. Remember there are a lot more variables to be taken into account when preparing a grow than just lighting and seeds. Once you get everything sorted out and have more questions, just holler.:smoke:
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    You already have the 600s and the trays? At 1200w /32 sq ft you are using 37.5w per sq ft. This is a little low to grow the donkey dick sized buds we all want. I would suggest returning your 4x4's in favor for 3x3's. That would give you 1200/18 = 66.6wpsf. Either way, how many plants you can grow is determined by how much veg time you give them and how big they are when you start flowering. SOG at 16-25 plants per table with short veg under 600s, Or you can go so far as to cut your plant numbers down to 1 plant per 600 with LST/topping/fimming/SCROG....What ever you do, expect about an ounce for every 50 watts of HPS for your first grow with a typical 8 week strain. In time you will be able to significantly improve, maybe even double this number.
  4. IM THINKING MORE OF A SOG at 16-25 plants per table with short veg under 600s, but i want to push it to the limit. I've got .....

    2-600w hps
    2-4x4 flood n drain trays
    co2 equiped
    and a bed room

    should i dump the 4x4 trays and go with somthing handmade to increase plant production per 600w hps

    like i said im tryin to push it .

    if anybody has any suggestion plz help me. im trying to get as much as XXXamount of pounds from this project

    any future predictions feel free to speak im here to learn.

    thank you
  5. Then SOG it up, my friend. You already have the trays, so go ahead and use them. Use mylar. Use large reflectors (at least 24"x24"). Rotate your plants regularly, and keep the shortest in the middle. Air or water cool your reflectors to keep them close to the tops. Keep your CO2 controller set to 1500ppm til ripening (last 10 days or so). At that point, drop CO2 to about half that. Have fun.
  6. 32 plants total. I have a 7' by 4' area with 2 600's 10 inches apart. 16 hempy buckets under each one.
  7. Sounds like a perfect number to me.
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    there are 1000 ways to skin a cat. I'd suggest going with the method that uses the tools you have.

    use those 4x4 trays exactly how they were meant to be used. Ebb & Flow, SOG, one light per table. put as may plants as you can fit giving about 6" apart. no veg time, just plant some rooted clones and flower. once you know how big the plants get, adjust plant numbers accordingly.

    Make the most out of those lights an get mylar up on all sides of the tables. A grow tent would be ideal.
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    (EDIT: I'm an idiot, I was using Google to search for something and came to this post. Didn't check the date, probably shouldn't have replied to a 1 year old post.)

    MY answer to your question is 50.

    I run each 600w HPS over a grow table that measures 32"x32". Typical diameter of a 1 gallon pot is 6.5" Each grow table holds 25 - 1 gallon pots. I light burned my plants, nute burned my plants, and figured out that they were all extremely root bound and I still pulled 1.8 pounds from 2 lights. Pretty sure I'm hitting 1 pound per 600w light on my next grow.

    Here's my custom grow report. 390 grams from one 600, 420 grams from the other. Dried, cured and bagged weight...

    Yield in ounces 28.57 oz
    Yield in pounds 1.79 lb
    Grams per plant 16.20 gr
    Ounces per plant 0.57 oz
    Grams per watt 0.68 gr
    Grams per square meter 619.06
    Pounds per kilowatt 1.49
    Watts per square foot 84.38

    I'd love to see what some other SoG growers are pulling. I'm new, still finding my way. Always open to new ideas. peace
  10. @snowking

    I appreciated the info thanks!
  11. Depends on a lot of things to me.. Right now I am running two six hundreds- wish i had 1000s, but oh well, do with what ya got right? I agree with the 50 or so. I am in the middle of blooming about 50 in a fast as i could grow em to six weeks- sex em, move some up to a veg area and keep about 40 down in the bloom.I am very interested in seeing what I get, my pots range from two liter soda bottles, to 3 gal pot and one plant I got by the graces of something which is in a 7 gal pot and i am sure will be a nice yield but I dont include with my 40 that i started cause she is a 4 by 4 plant- that i didnt start. I can wait to find out my yield- they all are looking really nice even for being stuck in two liters- better than keg cups, I know I needed to give em more root space- so I figure just good amountss of food for em is my tactic. :smoking::smoking::smoking::wave:

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