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2:50 in the monring want to get high.. help! reply quik plz!!:)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skillfull87, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. hey guys.. so its 2:50 in the morning here in tn... and im in my house scrounging hopelessly ... i have a TON of seeds... elvis seeds if you know what this is... does anyone know if you smoke the seeds if you get high... im that desperate please respond asap!
  2. dont smoke the seeds man. trust me. that shit is nasty. pull the husks off the seeds and smoke that if you have to.
  3. i wouldn't waste the seeds......i'd grow them........Peace out........Sid
  4. Yeah - grow em!

    Seeds are well fun to rig joints with tho! they explode! lol
  5. you sound a little too desperate for weed.
  6. what the heck are elvis seeds?
  7. elvis is a really good bud that comes around in nashville every now an then... its an indica strain and its realy good, im pretty sure no were else they have it, you wan't some seeds?

    i got about 50 if yo udo i'll just mail you some...:-/ EDIT critter.Not sure of the laws where you are my friend but ya get sent to gaol where l,am from for posting seeds.
  8. you plant em and water. wait 6 months. and you get the KING!! wooooo!
  9. an who doesnt love the king...:D
    soooo skillfull, what did ya end up doin?
    an once long long age i smoked yeuck.
  10. Like they said take some resin from a bowl. use that . dont waste seeds
  11. i ended up collecting all the little peices i could find.. .and i made a gravity bong in my sink so that i cuold get the most high with what little i had... and i got lit as hell :)
  12. Grow some plants.
  13. i do... :) and my mom came home with a perscription to ambien today so that will hold me through the week

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