2.5 week old plants yellow leaf and brown spots

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by AJ08, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Here's the basic summary

    -Almost 3 weeks old plants(still vegging). I plant to transplant them soon.
    -Gone for 5 days and found these spots. I tried to look for info online but didn't find any and plants developed more spots

    -had a hanna ph meter but it didn't work (didn't let the electrode dry out)after the second use. This was before I was gone.
    -So I got the ph drop test and i think the ph is around 6

    -temp ~ 55-62
    -A friend watered twice while I was gone (biretta water and tap water)
    -biretta water ~15 ppm & tap water ~ 27 ppm
    -Growing in hydro
    -Looked at symptoms of pics online and didnt find useful
  2. Well theres a couple issues here.

    First raise your ph to 6.5-6.8.

    Second, since you're using the britta filter, it strips calcium and magnesium. Balance ph, give them a small amount of CalMag

    Edit: i thought this was soil, my bad. Disregard the PH comment. Still hit them with calMag
  3. Now that I read the mag deficiency again, it makes so much sense.. Heh

    Do you see any other deficiencies?

    Should I get Epsom salt or calmeg at a store?
  4. Calmag hands down. Other than that they look ok.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  5. I got both and applied them immediately.

    Can the damage done by mag deficiency be reversed or does it stay as it is?
  6. Fuck. You don't do both, some people use Epsom salts to bring up the Mg which is what the calmag does but better. After this feed I would give plain water maybe even twice. What strength did you give? No the damage won't be reversed.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  7. I added Cal Mag as instructed and added like 1/16 of teaspoon of Epsom salt.

    I changed my water yesterday and only added Cal mag so I should be good?
  8. Yeah, just don't add any more Epsom salts.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w

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