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  1. Hi guys I'm currently running a 2.4x1.2x2 grow tent with 3x600watt hps lights, Im running a NFT setup right now but I'm not too happy with overall yield, what are your guys thoughts for my next grow to get as much as possible, the limit of plants is kept to a minimum around about 6 at the most but would it be easier to do less and get more out of this setup? I can try scrog, mainline, etc but what would you guys thinks best? Please help me out there's got to be someone who can shed some light thanks in advance
  2. Dwc bubbler.
    just nailed 390g of 600 watts
    without any hydroponics pre-knowledge besides coco coir

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  3. That's a good yield mate, how long did you veg? What strain? Any training? Thanks
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  4. Ok thanks mate how long did you veg and how many plants? What strain? And any training? Cheers mate
  5. Veg time depends on your conditions, lighting, feed schedule, how much room you have to flower. I like to veg a long time like 8-10 weeks but that's how long it takes to empty a bud tent so if you veg the whole time that's how long you have. I've done at least 8 different strains now.

    As far as training, with bucket DWC low stress training mixed with some supercropping and lollipopping at switch to flower is about my method. I just attempt to create an even bush and after a while it's surprising how little effort it can take.

    I have two 4x4's veg and bloom. I've tried budding 6,4,and 2. I like two best. I veg up to 6 but I usually only bud two lately. They're big though. I've been getting over 20oz's my last two crops with two plants. Closer to two pounds if you count all the larf I make edibles out of. I run 770 watts of led in bloom and 180 watts in veg.
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    That's a DWC bucket on the floor. She's about 5 weeks in flower. Blue Dream. Fed with mostly GH nutrients.

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  7. Nice mate that's a great yield thanks for the advice what way would you go with a 2.4x1.2 tent like myself would you veg 6 really big and train them for an even canopy?
  8. That's the same size tent I'm running. Are you doing start to finish in the same room? You can harvest twice as often if you run two rooms. I split my 2.4x1.2 tent in half. I veg on one side and bud on the other.

    I would get a 6 bucket DWC system. If you flower the entire tent you can easily fit 6 large plants vegged 6-8 weeks in there. If you split it in half so you can harvest every 2 months like I did plan on budding two plants and vegging 4 at a time. Stagger them so you have two ready to go in flower, two that are clones of them, and two that are done in the flower tent.

    All you need for an even canopy is some branch bending. Let them get about 18" tall and bend the main stem down 90 degrees about halfway down the main stem. Bend the other branches out so they begin the rival the main. It will turn back up towards the light overnight. If you continue to gently bend and shape the plant you'll have a bush with very little effort. There's only one string on that plant in the 2nd picture and it didn't even really need that. I made that bush with gentle bending and supercropping.

    I've done the strings tied all over thing. Too much work. My buddies do scrogs. They're great but with a bucket you can't the plant is trapped and and you can't remove it to change the water. You'd have to add some drain valves for weekly water changes. I also do promix/perlite plants on the side in smartpots and feed them the same as my DWC bucket plants. IMG_0573.JPG
    crystal (white widow x northern lights) 10 week veg right before flower just transplanted to a 7 gallon. No strings involved, nice even canopy, very little work. IMG_0541.JPG

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  9. I gotta say mate they are some really nice plants you seem to know what your talking about I've currently got 6 cheese plants in 17 days of flower I've experimented a bit of defoliation in flower I've never done it before but I will compare it to the one I didn't defoliate. I vegged them for around 7 weeks, I'm hoping for around 40 ounce in total, this is in a 2.4x1.2 all flowering just one room with 3x600 hps, I did some supercropping a bit of lst and quite a bit of topping, here are some pics tell me what you think? These are 100% indict so only stay really small but the two on the far left have grown a lot bigger for some reason? I haven't got the best canopy I know but I need step by step telling me how to tbh as
  10. What are your thoughts on yield for me? I did do cheese strain last time and got 38 in total from 3 huge plant in the same tent but these grow quite a bit smaller than the last cheese I did and I didn't expect that, that's why I upped the game and put 6 in under 3 600watts expecting atleast 40 but only time can tell buddy what's your thoughts? Thanks
  11. Here you go first pic is the two that grown about 20inch bigger than the others and the second pic is the non defoliated plant and the 3rd is all four of the smaller cheese

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  12. Sorry this is the pic that the two of the biggest are in lol I uploaded the same pic twice

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  13. I must say the non defoliated out of the 4 I experimented on together is actually growing quicker than the other I defoliated I think it slowed them down a little but only time will tell
  14. veg for 8 weeks, with first 2 weeks just having issues with temps and ph.. so maybe 6-7 weeks. all bag seeds.. smallest girl 61g of some purple indica and biggest 180g.. 4 different strains.. LST and 3-4 toppings each, as well defoliated massively twice just before flower and like 2 weeks later. 5gal buckets

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  15. Right guys I'm on day 21 from the switch to 12/12, I've gave them a heavy defoliation took off all the big fans so light can reach through the plants as it's just packed in there and blocking way too much light. Doing this will increase airflow from my point of view I was also speaking to someone who worked in the growshop next to me and he recommended it every 5days so that's what I'm going to do keep taking the big fan leaves off throughout flower. I'll upload pics when lights come back on tonight around 9oclock cheers guys atb.
  16. Also I'm doing an experiment on one of them I've put monster bloom in yesterday and going use that from now week 3 to week 6 then switch to overdrive for the last 2weeks let's see how it turns out :) let's actually see if that ways more than the others :)

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