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  1. Hello

    So I have a space freeing up and was considering closing it off to make a decent sized room. As the picture shows its 2 10'x10' spaces with a bathroom in between. On the right side of the picture there is space beyond the room where I plan to vent hot air etc... The baseboards will be the primary source for heat at night and during cold winter days. On the top side of the picture there will also be empty space but it must have a finished wall on the opposite side (to keep it discreet). The doors would be removed except for the bathroom doors.

    Now here's where I need help. How do I set up the rooms? I plan on using 4 600w lamps unless someone has any other ideas. I want to run c02, ac, dehumidifier but also keep odor under control while using an environmental controller. So can anyone help me out on how to do this?

    *I don't want to buy two of everything ( co2 regulator, co2 controller, environmental controller) it would cost a lot unless I have to.


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  2. I also have a 4" outlet in bathroom for air. I can switch it around and use it as an intake and run ducting into room #1 have the air travel through room #1, then the hallway into room #2 and out through the venting area on the right hand side. Just an idea

    This is a better picture

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  3. I'm always a fan of passive air intake. Would it be possible to have a discreet passive intake and filtered exhaust for each room? That way you just have two main exhaust fans to control. If I'm understanding your drawings and descriptions correctly, you have a space to the side of one room for ventilation, and a 4' air inlet in the bathroom. You could have passive intake coming from a split duct in the bathroom, while high capacity fans in each room filtered and exhausted the air out to the side.
    Here, I made a quick super rough sketch in mspaint to show you what I'm talking about. The oval shapes represent your carbon filter/fan combo:[​IMG]
    I feel like the best use of a space like this would be to have them both be full flowering chambers. You could do separate strains and feeding schedules in each, but to me using and entire one of those rooms for vegetative/cloning would be a waste of space, and closing off one corner just complicates things. Better to use a discreet closet/tent elsewhere to clone and veg (neither of which should really take up much space--using flourescents helps.)
    Hope that helps. This is like my second post on this forum.
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    Well both rooms will be flowering rooms for sure the veg/clone tent is located else where in the building. I am using a organic soil mixture with a SIPP system in 4'x8' trays (#2 in each room). Now is it possible to have one big fan/filter in room #2 pulling air from room #1 through the hallway into room #2? And possibly have the 4" intake from the bathroom only going into room #1.
    Air Intake flow:
    Bathroom-->Room#1-->Hallway-->Room#2-->Vented to open space
    Also if someone could chime in how would i run c02 with this setup if im constantly exhausting hot air and unwanted odors?
  5. I see what you're after now. In theory that should work fine as long as the rooms are basically sealed, and the exhaust fan/filter are a high enough capacity to handle both rooms. I think with this setup you would need the intake to only enter room #1, that way negative pressure causes it to circulate through to the other room (as you drew it), and all fresh air passes over the bulk of the plants. Of course you would want oscillating fans to keep the leaves moving.
    Logistically it doesn't seem like CO2 would be too much of a problem--you can probably use a single high-capacity tank to fill both rooms. I think you would need to set the CO2 and fan on timers such that the exhaust is either off or significantly slowed while the rooms are filled with CO2.
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    Yea thats the plan on the air flow. And an eviromental controller would make the C02 work in harmony with everything else. But when the C02 turns on the controller turns OFF the exhaust fan so how would the odor be controlled during this process?
    Also will a A/C unit in room #1 be enough to cool both rooms during the hot summer days? Since the air flow will go from room #1 to room #2 im hoping the cool air will travel to the 2nd room
  7. Anyone have any other ideas or experience in this situation?
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    The 2 rooms are far too big, 4 x 600w hps lights
    so I would build a room in one of the rooms  8ft x 7ft
    also put a veg room in there too 3ft x3ft with a 400w mh
    so you can keep doing crop after crop
    have a vent pulling air from the hall and blowing the hot air in the next room (10"x 10")
    and vent out where you can
  9. Well the each light is covering a 4x4 area I thought that would be enough but what do you recommend maybe 3 lamps over each area.

    I want to use ALL of the space for flowering no need to waste space for vegging in this area
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    one 600w hps will just cover a 4ft x 4ft so you need 4x 600w hps to cove a 8ft x8ft canopy
    and your room is 10ft x10ft so you would need 9x 600w hps to give a 10ft x10ft room a good spread of light
    a 600w hps covers a meter square and a 10ft x 10ft room has 9 m2 so you need 9 lights
    but the biggest problem is the power use and heat
     the 2 10ft x 10ft rooms (just the 18 light will use 132kw a day in flower) :eek:
  11. Alright well the plan is to use #2 4x8 trays in each room so I would use 8 lamps total according to your math. The rest of the space in the room is going to be for equipment. But what size ac would I have to run in each room?
    sorry I would nave no ideal how big the ac needs to be, 
  13.  9 600s in a 10x10 room seems like a little over kill no? They would very close to each other and they are gonna going to create a hell of alot of heat. I'm curious can I ask how many plants do you plan on each tray and what type of medium are you going to use? do you already have am ac?

  14. 9 is overkill I'm using 4 in each room as of now. 20 plants in each 4'x4' tray. I'm making my own organic soil thanks from the help of fellow members in the organic forum. And yes an 8k btu stand up ac which isn't going to be strong enough

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