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  1. My friend just started tolkin. started him off on some strait fire. he asked me to make him a quick bong before i left. choke is actually nice, small, and a perfect circle.

    made it with electrical tape, pen and mechanical pencil stem, and burned out the choke hole. toke me like 5 mins but she works like a charm.

    taped the fuck out of it as you can see, so no leaks

  2. not for me
  3. lol like i said, quick, and gets the job done. currently saving for a nice glass bong.
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    Wheres the metal bowl?
    I am a very homemade toker, but aluminum is just not for me.
    Thick plastic tubes + metal ftw.
    Tape also leaves a bad taste sometimes.
    Wait, I don't see a bowl on that thing. Do you put the bud on the plastic? o_o..

  5. No shit, another bud of mine has a metal cap that looks just like that. and i showed him how to make his own bowl. hes a little sloppy when it comes to storage so he would ruin one if i made it out of aluminium
  6. ^its a ratchet peice used for falls... pretty common knowledge i thought. anyways dude where the hell is the bowl on that thing? did you just put in it the plastic pen cap?
  7. sooo you want to give your friend cancer???
  8. That metal cap your friends uses... So do most people who dont have pieces..

    Its called a socket,, like on a socket wrench?

    common sense i thought..
  9. you put a ratchet on a socket wrench. a socket is the thing you plug things into.
  10. :laughing: no a ratchet or socket wrench is the tool, and the sockets are the attachments...

  11. Thank you, sir. :)
  12. Haha not an electrical socket, in your terms, a ratchet it the long metal piece, and the sockets are different size attachments to the ratchet (socket wrench)

  13. If you read the post i showed him how to make a bowl from foil to smoke out of...no we use trash bags to burn our cabbage patch lettuce in and when we are done we microwave flimsy plastic and eat it for an added trip...
  14. sounds like a party man.

    blue foil? or is the foil poked in there. im just confused

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