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1year+ old cannabis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiCityToker, May 12, 2011.

  1. i was chillin in the basement playin nba 2k toasted as usual, when my brother came down with a lil bag full of stuff.
    all of a sudden he pulls a lil medicine bottle out of the bag with a couple lil nugs in there (he doesnt smoke btw)
    at first i was shocked that he had bud on him lol i was about to tell him lets roll a fatty!!

    but then he proceeded to show me wat was in the rest of the bag: my old bowl, my old chillum, and my old green lighter that my mom found last May and took from me.
    so turns out the bud he pulled out was the same old bud that was confiscated a year ago from me by my mother. the bud is at the very least a year old, maybe a couple months older than that.

    so would you guys smoke this? it smells really fucking strong and nothing like bud. it almost smells like perfume, some very pungent ass perfume. im going to smoke this regardless of wat u guys say, but im just wondering if you guys would or wouldnt and why
  2. I smoked old weed once. Not a year old but old. Is it really crumbly and dry? If so then its gonna be a harsh smoke. I was spitting up green shit for like a week after i smoked it. So i think a bong would take care of that problem. If you dont got one make one. Or make edibles. Or if you think you are more of a man then me the fucking hit stick then smoke it. I have seen posts on here where dudes say they smoked old bud and didnt cough up green shit so that could just be me. But i wouldn't take the chance that shit can really irritate your throat.
  3. goodluck bro lol
  4. old ass weed is like intense shake thats harsh and a weak/annoying smoke but thats just my opinion i've tried some old ass stuff that my dad had forgotten about from long time ago personally
  5. So did you blow that?

  6. Just as good as it was before. 100% SAFE to smoke blaze the shit up homie :bongin:
  7. I smoked wiid that was 4 or 5 years old and im fine.
  8. lol ya its dry and crumbly and like i said smells really strong and pungent.
    i havent smoked it yet because i havent ran out of this new bud i picked up recently.
    im trying to remember what kind of bud it was :confused:
    based on the time when i bought it and who i bought it from, i blv its sour diesel...
    but ya when i run out of this kush, ill smoke this old ass sour deez and let u guys know how it goes
  9. So.. wait..

    What was the point of asking us again?
  10. Smoke it, replace with a folded picture of a troll face, put it back where your brother found it.
  11. I like your style. :cool:
  12. its just been curing for a year. yummy
  13. a year is not too bad. Long as the bag was closed the whole time there should be no mold. If the bag was left open I'd inspect your weed with a microscope and check shit out but mos likely you good.
  14. ya huh. i asked because i wanted to know what others would do and why. just like i stated after...
    "im going to smoke this regardless of wat u guys say, but im just wondering if you guys would or wouldnt and why"
    not too hard to grasp there now is it huh?

    anyways i havent gotten a chance to experiment with this bud just yet, my connect has had some kill ass kush lately so thats all ive been wanting to smoke lol :smoking:
  15. lmaoo! thats a solid ass idea but then if my mom ever decided to look for the bud and saw some shit like that was pulled?! mannn i would be outta here in a damn jiffy! :wave:
  16. wow i totally never updated u guys on this thread after i had smoked that old ass sour d.
    u guys prolly lost interest by now, but for those who still give at least half a shit...
    i packed a bowl with all of the leftover bud (it was a .4) and blazed that shit. it got me as ripped as usual, but it felt like the high lasted a whole hell of a lot longer than it normally would. maybe mary jane gets better with age much like wine does?? who knows. holla
  17. some people cure their bud for longer than a year, if it smoked good i wouldnt be that suprised. nice work :)

    oh and defs replace it with a troll face, that would be hilarious

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