1st week flowering.

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  1. Hi was wondering if you had any opinions on if anything should be done to my plant. And things to be aware of eventually in flower. It's been a while since i have grown but always been around plants.
    Strain is Blackjack
    Grow environment is in a 5x5x7 tent with a 600w hps.
    Inline fan for air In.
    Still putting exhaust for light but temps seem to be decent.
    Soil grow
    I do ph my water before i feed/water.

    I am asking really to see if any techniques at this point besides what has been done can increase my yeild in the long run. Or since its beginning week 2 is it to late.

    Thanks :)

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  2. What are you using for nutrients or are you using nutrients? I think if you use a standard flowering nutrient, pH your solution to slightly acidic (opinions vary on exact number but in soil I'd go with 6.2 to 6.5) then you should do fine?
    Edit: I just looked at your pictures - are you exhausting your light through a hood? If so, and your temps are ok I'd drop that light down to 12" to 16" away from your plant. It seems too far away. Hold your hand at canopy height and if it feels fine then lower it. If it feels warm raise it but I'd get it closer.

    I'd also use some soft yarn and tie the plants down so that you can create a roughly even canopy and get that light closer. Loosely tie the yarn around 3/4 of the way up each stalk and pull them down down down and tie it off and then drop that light right down on them - just keep a close eye on temps at canopy height.

    Light light light.


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