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    Been lurking awhile, joined recently, but don't post much.
    I'm the type that sits back, shuts up, and listens.

    I've learned alot, decided, awh, what the hell, why not.

    So I started my first grow.

    Ain't gonna sell it. Just for me. Figure this one grow will last me 6 months or more.:smoke:

    Had some seeds from a good out of state buddy that is , uh, rather advanced.;)
    Popped them in a good quality soil, and started my lil project.

    A lil about my grow,
    Started out with 5 seeds, cause I knew I'd have a couple that didn't make it, and a couple males. Figured I'd end up with 1 maybe 2 girls. Had 3 girls (It was easy to tell. Thanks GC):hello:.
    Had some white rhino, purple wrek, apollo 11, and apollo lite. Don't know what is what, or which one's sprouted. Don't really matter to me.
    Vegged for about 4-5 wks.
    Had a few bumps in the road. A lil wilt, a lil eagle claw, a lil pH. Nothing serious.
    Moved em to 16" pots, and let em settle in.
    Started 12/12 bout 3-3.5 wks ago.
    Currently almost 6' tall.
    Using a 400 watt hps and a couple flouro tubes. Nothing fancy. Could of used a lil more power to prevent them from stretching. But I think it'll be ok.
    Used a lil GH Micro, Grow, and Bloom. Fixing to start on a lil molasses. Nothing heavy. Nothing fancy.
    Think I have bout 5-6 weeks til harvest. Maybe a lil more, maybe a lil less. Got my scope to tell me.
    Ain't in any rush, just having fun playin' with them.
    Looking forward to the finished product, but if it turns out shitty. Don't really matter, I've had a blast doing it.
    Think I wanna try all the different ways to grow. Just for shits and giggles.

    What makes it even better, you can't find nothing here but mex brick weed.
    Only time you hear hydro, purp, or loud here, is in a rap song.:)
    So, I'm hoping it'll turn out at least decent.
    Looking like it may be alright.;)

    Oh, Cool lil place yall got here.


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  2. Mexi Brick weed. R U a fellow Texan? Your girls look beautiful......I hope you meet your goals. :D My hopes are no where near that big. I just want to make it through this grow with some nice bud and without killing any girls.

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