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  1. New grower, new here too.
    Name is Kc, thanks in advance for any help.
    Seeds were of unknown strain, just for a 1st try experiment. They were doing well until a couple days ago. From videos and reading, it is a cal/mag problem due to seeing lower leaves turing slightly yellow with tiny brown spots. I am trying an all natural appraoch using: all organic soil, worm compost added, crushed/pulverized egg shell for calcium, bone meal, epsome salts, and others for nitrogen, just keeping the list short so you have an idea of my style. Temps have been hot with high humidity, 90's with 60-70 % humidy, occasional afternoon storms keep flushing my nutrition out is what I am thinking. They are both now 10 days or so into flower bloom. I know later on, much later, yellowing is expected, but this is getting bad. I check soil every day for moisture content and water/nutrients as needed due to the rain being somewhat common. Plants are in 3 gal containers that I have dug down into the ground and they have raised drainage under them. Between the reading and videos, nothing I do helps. Not wanting to spend big money on shipped in chemicals and not much available in my area anyways.
  2. Those are some terrible temps to decide flipping to flower in... got any pics?

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  3. It's normal for old growth to die off during the life of the plant and if it's just one or two old leaves you're seeing this on, not sure I would start giving stuff to my plant. A healthy MJ plant is a nice rich blue/green color and if yours, overall, is that way you might not actually have an issue. However, during flower they use more magnesium and calcium and if there is actually an issue, it's like that's the cause. But if the plant overall looks good, it's likely nothing. Toward the end of the flower cycle, they experience a shedding of sorts when the plant uses the sugars stored in the leaves to help finish out the buds. It's completely normal so don't freak out when you see leaves start to die off en mass. By the time they're ready to pull, they look like bud on a stick most of the time as the majority of the larger foliage has dropped off the plant. Just make sure you actually have a problem before you start putting things into your plants. You can always add more, but you can't get it back out once you've given it.
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  4. 1st try experiment, and on an unknown strain is called 'play' here on GC

    at least until you realize you don't 'nute' organic grows

    bleed some and get the correct seeds for you climate and conditions

    the change can go on a quality soil and perlite at 25% like Ocean Forest is good

    consider your study inside

    good luck
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  5. 1. Sorry, have an iPhone and wont post pics from it due to geotags

    2. Thanks. Plants are 3 1/2 foot tall and have 8-10 sets of leaves each that are yellowing from bottom up. Just looks like too many at a time considering the size vs that they still have a month to go or maybe more.
    Definitely 2 different strains, roughly same heights, but one is more bushy and has 20 bud sites, the other is more lanky and only has 12 bud spots. Thanks for the quick and supportive feedback

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