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  1. hey, this is my first time growing but not smoking ha. This is a walkthru of the materials i plan to use in order to build a very cheap an affordable growbox that will also give good yields. I plan to only grow ONE PLANT maybe 2 later on in the future.After most explanations ill include a link to the website i plan to purchase these materials off of.

    Please reply with suggestions, products, basically anything that is cheap or easy to make that will benefit my goal. My design is based up these designs of another homemade pc stealth box My First C.C.S.S. Grow (Computer CFL Small Stealth) Grow

    I plan to do this in a pc tower. The towers diameters are 24.5h x 7.5w x 16.5d. http://www.mypccase.com/atxfultowcas2.html

    Im buying the tower with no power supply but am thinking about buying the 2 optional 80mm fans and connecting them to a 12v. Is there some cheap fan that is quiet and will keep my box cool. I plan on putting the exhaust fan up top while the intake fan is down on the bottom.

    Ive found several websites online on how to build carbon scrubbers. Is there a way to connect the carbon scrubber to a small comp fan? Does anyone have instructions on how to build a smaller carbon scrubber that wont take to much space.

    For temperature and humidity i plan on using these small affordable read outs that are used in pet stores. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA:IT&ih=001
    Is this ok to use or should i go with something else.

    For lighting i plan on using CFLs. Im buying them off ebay and its a pack of 6. 3 for growing and then 3 for flowering. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA:IT&ih=016
    My pc box is only .85 sq ft. These lights are eachs 25 watts emitting about 1800 lumens. I read that each plant needs about 2600 lumens. Would running just 2 of these light equalling 50 watts and 3600 lumens be ok for just one plant. I also plant to make these small ballasts made out of large aluminum cans. I plan on using one of those big beer cans for each light. Simple Reflector For Your Compact Fluorescent

    I cant decide wat i should do with the walls on the inside of the pc. I have read that aluminum is great and so i just white paint. Whats the best option?

    I plan on using a simple organic fertilizers probably from walmart. I dont want to be mixing and messing around with different chemicals and stuff. Im thinking of trying to get some worm castings. Does anyone have any experience. You can buy a 1lb of this site. http://www.dirtworks.net/worm-castings.html Im also going to place a C02 maker inside. Ive found several designs online that are very simple. Some requir 2 liters while other require simpl 20ounce.
    Im thinking of using this for the CO2.
    20 oz bottle half filled with warm water
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 tsp. dry yeast
    cap the bottle and put a hole in the cap the size of fish tank air tubing insert tubing and suspend above your plants.
    Every third day change half of the water and add 3 tbs sugar.

    HOw should i water my plant and how often. I was trying to think or find a way to make a self watering system but most designs online are to big for my stealth box.
  2. way too small dude just go to the store by 1 of those big storage chests and use that :smoke:
  3. You sir... Are sorely mistaken ;)

    You need to check out the micro grows section over at ICMag. Some crazy stuff goin on over there :hello:

    I'm currently also setting up a PC case grow... My case is only 6"wx18"hx15"l so you've got more room to work with than me :) You'll want to LST and possibly also SCROG your plant.. I know I am :)

    As for lighting... 2-3 CFLS would be fine, make sure you get some that are of the 2700k Spectrum for flowering. Also, check out the Fresh2 bulbs @ http://www.fresh2.com/, great for eliminating oders. If you want to use a micro carbon scrubber... instead of using filter material like he is, use panty hose, it'll increase your airflow and hold together better.

    As for fans... Check out newegg.com, or www.xoxide.com. They've both got some good fans that push plenty of CFMs and are still silent.. My favorite so far is the Silent Cat fan http://www.xoxide.com/thermaltake-120mm-cat-fan.html, but they're 120mm.

    As for cooling.. You'll want as many fans as your case can hold to help dissipate the heat.... the biggest problem with micro grows is the heat, using CFLs helps though.

    As for material... I just got some spray paint and painted the inside of my case. You'll want a regular flat white instead of a gloss as the gloss supposedly creates hotspots? I was told that but im sticking with my gloss and we'll see how it goes.

    And thats a great idea for the CO2 generater... i'm gonna have to use that also haha

    And last thing... to connect your fans to your adapter.. check out my how to:

    G'luck dude!
  4. if u want a small plant go ahead but u could do more and grow a bigger plant
    your wasting the plants abilility to grow big:cool:

  5. dude 16-18g's for a grow that small is good enough.

    good grow idea.
  6. Its not always about going big or going home... its using what you have to work with... If you can get a decent yield out of a small plant then kudos... theres plenty of us who can. Its also a different way of growing, what if we dont have huge cabs like alot of people or cant dedicate a whole room or even grow out side... Again... We use what we can, and we use are imaginations and create grow room masterpieces... Micro style :wave:

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