1st Time OG KUSH, in veg. , help choosing fertilizers and nutrients or any other tips

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  1. my first og kush grow, very excited and cant wait to see how it turns out, im in early veg. stage right now and need some help picking the right nutrients and stuff. And if any one knows any tips im all ears! i use foxfarm ocean forest and grow big for the veg. stage.

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  2. Very nice so far. If you wish to keep the Fox Farm schedule, go ahead and use Big Bloom & Tiger Bloom to flower and your Grow Big to veg. If you wanna go more advanced, pick up some of their solubles like Cha-Ching.
    Also, I've been hearing great stuff about a nutrient company called Dyna-Gro but I'm not too convinced yet.

    Good luck.
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    i was also considering lights and im down to either 3/4 of 68w-CFL (300 equivelant) or LED, hearing alot of mixed results for LED though, any thoughts?
  4. use rabbit poop. no, really. it has a lot of helpful nutes in it. if you don't have a rabbit, you can probably get some poop from petsmart, it's not shifty, just say you're growing tomatoes or something.
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    and just mix that into soil?
    i bought some CFLs, but they are the 2500k bulbs, so i guess il save those for flowering, Any suggestions on what kind of bulbs for vegging without having to ventilate?

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