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  1. Hi y'all. So I'm a 1st time grower and im experiencing what I believe to be maybe calcium deficiencies and a few other issues. I'm currently using a 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent and am growing 4 plants and they're all the same strain (Early Miss autos). Last week or so I noticed that there were little yellow spots on a few of their leaves and I'm not sure how to go about fixing them. In addition to THAT one of them is super leggy which I assume is because I have a horrible LED light source. I know I need a new light and was planning on buying a 600w LED grow light (as apparently my current one is only 45w :( ) I have a 6in 190 cfm extraction fan inside as well. And in regards to THAT i think it's too much bcuz it literally sucks out all of my humidity. I turned it off and got the humidity where it needs to be but im also certain that it needs to be running at all times so there's another issue I need help with. I read online that one way to fix a leggy seedling is to transplant them and bury most of the stem. However I also read that I shouldn't transplant autos but the current pot thar I have them in is waaaaaay too small. I was planning on putting them in 5 gallon grow bags. The soil I'm currently using is FFOF. I plan on getting a bigger tent once they start to grow more but at this point idk if they will. I haven't really noticed any growth since the yellow spots showed up but I'm pretty sure theyre growing VERY slowly at this point as the leaves HAVE gotten bigger and more serrated. Any tips and solutions would be greatly appreciated. 20190213_132212.jpg 20190213_132218.jpg 20190213_132158.jpg 20190211_074934.jpg
  2. Transplant into an organic soil in a larger container, don’t overwater. Bury that stalk some.

  3. Ps it’s 4:20am

  4. Have you by chance splashed any of your nutrients on these plants ??
  5. Nope lol matter fact I havent used any nutrients yet
  6. Plants that size really don't need a fan. I'm assuming you live in a very arid climate since you're concerned about a low humidity, a fan doesn't remove humidity from the air, it only pushes the air around and humidity isn't your problem anyway. Does that soil come with nutrients? Have you checked your pH? The water in arid climates frequently has a high pH. The yellow spots look like something happened that's no longer happening so forget them. My guess is your problem is either pH related or they are getting too little light.
  7. Im sure a LOT of my issues are light related lol but no I haven't checked the ph but I definitely need to. And I'm pretty sure that soil DOES come with nutrients but I jeep finding conflicting arguments online saying yes I need to add nutrients to that soil or no I don't need to. The fan I mentioned was my exhaust fan. I DO have a small clip on fan but thats more so to move yhe air around/help manage the temp in the tent.
  8. What about those yellow spots?
  9. Rotate plants so that they all get directly under light and outside ones are not reaching for it. Shoulda started with 1 till u got more lights
  10. Agreed. Before I bought lights I didn't know that all LED lights weren't the same smh. BUT now I do for the future lol
  11. If u have some extra lamps or ones u can get from ppl how throw them out even if they still work get them. 13w 60w equivalence cfls veg very nicely. If u can get the lamp cords to hang them for free then it’s rly cheap. I pay like 1.30 for the two way and hang 2 13w cfls n each
  12. Those yellow dead spots don't mean anything. Maybe something splashed on or maybe a bug came along but whatever it was that happened, it's still not happening as the newer leaves are unaffected. If I was you I'd feed them, the yellow could mean a nitrogen deficiency but it doesn't look exactly like it. pH your water and if it's okay then feed them. Or just feed them, those plants are still babies so if you loose them you haven't lost much.
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  13. Ok so update! I got new lights, tansplanted everyone and started using nutrients and my plants are looking much better! Now I think I have more issues. I BELIEVE I'm in the flowering stage. Some of the leaves have gotten so big that they are covering the now forming budlets. Im wondering if it's safe to remove them so that the budlets are exposed to the light more or if I should leave them since I'm growing autos. Also about how long do budlets takes to to grow into full buds? I also saw online that during this time its best to keep the RH around 70°? Any truth in that? Is that TOO much humidity? My plants have gotten pretty darn tall and I'm definitely gonna need a bigger tent lol is there a way to kinda keep them from getting any bigger or is it too late? Some of the leaves also look light green near the center and I'm worried about that as well. I know I'm asking a bunch of questions but seeing as how this is my 1st grow I wanna get this as right as possible. Please, any more help or tips would be immensely helpful. Thanks! 20190325_103450.jpg 20190325_103450.jpg 20190325_103456.jpg 20190325_103502.jpg 20190325_103514.jpg 20190325_103633.jpg 20190325_103638_HDR.jpg
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  14. Looking nice...you're in 12/12 right?
    During flower the RH should be around 35-45% and normal temp around 75ish. You need to read up on training the next time you grow. High stress and low stress. I'd stick to LST and tie some.branches. Too late now to do it without risking stress, should be done during veg. You can still cut away the bullshit bottom leaves to avoid more larf. Looking good though.
  15. In your opinion, when is the best time to start LST?

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  16. I'd say around 6-7 nodes or around 2-3wks of veg. When you have several cola sites or can bend the plant in half without breaking it. After exposing those branches to light they will grow out and you can tie again until there is direct light for all tops
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  17. Yep! The 12/12 schedule ALSO works perfectly with my work schedule lol about how long is this stage supposed to last? I haven't really noticed TOO much of a difference yet in the size of the budlets on but I also check them frequently so thats probably why. They smell HELLA strong too. Even with my extraction fan running with a carbon filter my entire room smells like dank even though they're in a tent lol and yeah I came across LST like 2 weeks ago but by then it was too late as they were waaaaay too big. But for my next grow I plan on using more autos and keep better track of what I'm doing and WHEN I do it
  18. If you must you can pinch the stem hard enough to injure it then bend it over using where you pinched it as a hinge. The cola will continue to grow just fine as long as you don't break it off but Cleanbudz has a point about just tying your plants, that's the safest option and you can do that now to help keep the tall ones from touching your light. You can trim any leaves you wish, some people remove the ones over buds that block the light and some people don't and I don't know that it makes any difference either way. Don't worry about your humidity, your plants will be fine unless they are inside an airtight closet and then it may get too high. As you know with autos you don't need 12/12, when I grew an auto I kept the light 20/4 but there's a wide range of acceptable light schedules.

    About that light green color, usually when plants aren't getting enough nitrogen they yellow but starting on the lower older leaves and your lower leaves look fine. You may try giving one a smidge more nutrients and see what happens or just let it go, giving too much will make your smoke more harsh. As these plants mature they start to look like they are about finished, some of the leaves will start to yellow and die so don't mistake that as a sign it needs more nitrogen.

    It's easy for novices to chop too early so let your buds mature, you probably have about a month but don't go by time, go by how they look. You're doing fine.
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  19. Hi ya, I'd agree with everything Ed said. When I finished my 1st grow, my plants looked the same. I was advised to pinch as I had one long central stem alot like yours. My only concern would be if they are Auto's, I'm no pro but pinching would be high stress training and I'm unsure if the time to recover would be of benefit.

    If standard fem's get pinching :) I wish I had. Maybe run a line from the top of your grow tent to support the weight. It'll just mean the other stems will catch up (higher yields). It's up to you. Whatever you decide, happy growing!

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  20. Thanks for help you guys! Have any of y'all used Bat guano? I was looking into top dressings for the soil and seems like it'd be pretty beneficial but as I've never heard of it prior to now I'm not 100% certain about it yet
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