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  1. Hey guys , new to the scene , and could use little input as I’m not one for house guests .
    I’ve got a 4x4 tent , light , exhaust , and guess everything you need get started .
    Other than the forums and google never seen plants before so your input be great as to how my ladies are looking .
    I moved plants to the bathroom for the photos so pls don’t mind the background

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  2. These when given to me 4 weeks ago [​IMG]

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  3. I think they look pretty healthy. Nice luscious deep green with well developed leaves.
    Did you pinch/tip them? It looks like you have quite a bit of concentrated growth.
  4. They all look very good, but are starting a deficiency of some kind possibly Potassium. What kind of soil are you using, are you using any nutes?
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  5. I haven’t done anything but tuck the fan leaves under to get light into them

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  6. They all look great man. Keep up the good work!
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  7. Soil I just used promix from the local hardware store and have green plant 3 step nutes but haven’t used them yet . Honestly I bought a grow kit and they came with it .

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