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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JoaoPaulo, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Sup everyone. I´m thinking about an organic grow next year and I´m quite undecided about the strain to pick, I want an easy one to grow...that doesn´t knock you the shit out, I strain that is a little light in terms of high but that keeps its taste if you know what I mean. I never smoked weed before, but I did smoke a lot of polen and other types of hashish. Any clues on this one? thanks
  2. if its going to be your first grow just use bagseed, and if you do buy seeds just go for one with lower thc percentage but trust me once you start smoking and build up a tolerance your gunna want the best stuff you can get.
  3. anyone else?
  4. I've heard pure power plant is one of the best strains for newbs to grow. But judging from the name I would assume it's not a "light" high at all.
  5. PPP, Northern Lights, Kaya Gold (I'm doing KG for my first)

    Some seed bank sites actually tell you how easy it is to grow.
  6. Realistically, I don't think there is a strain that is "easy to grow", find a strain that meets your requirements (height, yield, thc) and go from there. You will have more motivation growing something you want rather than something thats labeled easy to grow.
  7. You could try a purple strain? They have a very sweet, candy-like taste to them and the purple I've had usually a bit weak for me (although I do enjoy by Trainwreck x Orange Kush daily).

    That or like others have said, grow some seeds from your bag. If you want a weaker marijuana to grow, buy an eighth of schwag (reg, reggies, etc.). They are very low in THC and will not give you near the high that more premium buds might. The only downside is taste, but you could buy small bottles of herb flavoring liquids to satisfy that aspect.

  8. Northern Lights is great for inexperienced growers. Bagseed is your best bet for your very first grow, so that you can make all the mistakes we all make on our first run.

    Also, any seeds that you buy that are "F1 Hybrids" are a good bet for easy growth. F1 Hybrid means two genetically distinct plants create seeds that are half and half of each parent. These seeds often times exhibit what is known as 'hybrid vigor'. This basically means they grow a bit faster and stronger. These plants however, should not be reproduced through any method other than clones.

    All this in mind? My suggestion is Northern Lights or Northern Lights X Haze.

    NL x Haze would be an F1 hybrid. You could try any number of other types of NL X "x" hybrids, as per your tastes. NL x Blueberry I hear is a fun grow and a great high.

    PS~ NL is a very heady and complex high that when properly harvested can best be described as energetic.

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