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  1. hi 1st time grower and first time posting. Here’s the skinny. I’m almost through the 6th week with my autoflowering Sour Diesel from HSO. Growing in a 5 gal felt pot with coco coir using gen hydroponics nutrients running only micro/bloom and cal mag. I’m running a 1200w LED.

    I’m having problems with the edges turning yellow and some spots in the middle of the leaves turning a pale green since probably week 4-5. I have done a flush at week 5 with 1 gal of distilled water. When I first started I was using tap water, unfiltered unfortunately with Camden (potassium) tablets to dechlorinate and let that sit out 48 hrs before mixing nutrients in. I have since been using distilled water thinking It would help me out. I’m seeing no improvement!!! Please help! Pictures attached.

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  2. To me it looks like copper deficiency. Some of your leaves are too dark of a green indicating possible ph problems. Are you checking your run off ph and adjusting it accordingly when watering? Coco requires ph of 5.5 to 6.5 with most people finding the best ph range at 5.8 to 6.2.
  3. Your plants look pretty good.
    Ditch the distilled water and use tap water - it's not necessary to dechlorinate.
    Never use plain water in coco, even when you flush.
    I suggest you flush with 1/4 strength nutes pH'd to around 6.0, and feed twice a day to substantial run off.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  4. Really you need to pick one person who you know wtf they are doing to the T for the kind of grow system you are using and let that person advise you through out the entire grow .

    Adding CalMag .
    Young plant ......
    Doesn't the nutrients you are using have Calcium and magnesium in it ?
    Your plants dont look that bad at this time .

    Dark green leafs
    Normally I flush if the leafs are dark green .
    I use RO water.
    Dark green. Can mean to much sodium ( as in salt ) and In flowering it will be potassium deficiency because the sodium blocks the plant from absorbing potassium.

    I stopped using Cal Mag because of the sodium issue .
    For one the nutrients I use already have calcium and magnesium in it.
    And I believe GH makes a better product
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  5. My buddy has guided me through the ropes thus far. We have different nutrient but everything else is nearly identical.
  6. I’ve been running 2ml per gal calmag/micro/bloom. Think I should cut back to 1ml or even less? I have not been watering to run off. That was a suggestion from my friend who’s been guiding me. I will certainly start watering til run off.
  7. Coco is drain to waste hydroponics - it should be fed frequently to run off - no plain water.
    Consider using this feeding chart from www.cocoforcannabis.com. Also a good place for coco grow information.

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