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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by silent1, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. So I've finally decided to grow my own crop of pot. Today I bought a 400w HPS lamp and a 400W MH lamp. I plan on using the MH during vegitation and the other one for flowering. How close do I keep the lights to the plants in the various stages, and how many plants can I grow per harvest with those lamps?

  2. it depends on ventilation, with good ventilation youncould get the lights as close as 2 -4 inches. but without stong vents, or an aircooled hood, id keep 'em at 1 foot;)
  3. Cool. I thought about only growing 5 plants with those lights. Can I grow more, or am I pushing it with the 5?
  4. i keep my 400w HPS approx 16" away from the tops of the plants, if you can go closer and not effect the temp of the room too much then .......by all means do...........as for how many plants....?.......depends on the size of your growroom, i have a 3x3 , and have 9 plants max.....but i stick to approx 4-7 to allow light to get round about them..............Peace out........Sid
  5. exactly what i was gonna say, its all about the sq. footage, not plant count. sid, how talls your box?
  6. it's a closet hippie john, it's approx 8' high, good for the odd sativa in there if need be........lol.......Peace out.........Sid
  7. oh alright, i was thinkin of making a box thats 3 wide 3 deep and 4 high. with an insulated rear wall for all integrated controls. I'll post a pic if i can find the design again:p
  8. Thanks for all the input guys. I've never grown ANYTHING before, so I'm real excited about this. I just want to make sure I don't forget about anything important. Just reading this site has given me a TON of ideas to try... I have to let everything sink in!

    This weekend, I'm gonna build my grow box (prolly similar to Sid's). Then when I move into my new apartment in 2 weeks, I'll start germinating once I'm settled.
  9. think about getting some fluros to start the seeds with, a 400w is gonna b a hell of a strain on a new sprout and a waste of electric when u cud do the job with a 20w cf.
  10. I thought about that. So at what point would I switch to the 400w MH bulb?
  11. not untill they have ther 2nd set of spiky leaves atleast. how many seeds r u gonna start and of wot kind? i'll try and give u a bit more detail.
  12. I just have bag seed. I have no idea what strain it is. Very mellow high and not really harsh at all. I figured it would be pointless to buy seeds when I don't really know what I'm doing yet. As for the quantity, I figured I'd start with 5-10 seeds, and then learn from the mistakes I make.

    So far, all I have is thee 400W HPS and MH lights, and the seeds. I have a book - Closet Cultivator - and it's pretty good and has lots of info. It has lots of general information, but I like to supplement that with what I read here.
  13. i started with that book 12years ago. it is good.

    ok, 12 seeds, ur gonna b startin them in 1 pot each. plastic cups will do. u can fit 12 of these under a 4ft 40w fluro(cool white tube). that will keep them happy till the 2nd or 3rd set easy, after that wud b a good time to start them getting used to the MH.

    not all of ur plants will b the same size, some will sprout faster than others so u gotta use ur judgment but have the MH set about 3ft or more away from the ground and put the seedlings under it at that hight, then rase them a few inch a day till they r 18inch to 2ft away, as the others get bigger bring them from the fluro 2 the MH. when all plants r growing well and filled the cups with roots u can start potting them up. let them ajust to the new pot b4 they r 18inch away again sanme as u did b4 then with all plants in big pots and happy ur grow shud start to take off..

    put all pots on the floor and rase or lower the light as u need.
  14. Cool, that's some good info. I will keep a journal and take lots of pics so you guys can see the progress I make when I finally get started. :)
  15. im glad 2b of help.

    gud luck with the grow silent1

  16. i love closet cultivator. its one of my favorite books. i've read it at least 100 times, seriously. it inspired me to write my own book.:)
  17. if it wasnt 4 that book and a few others i brought b4 my 1st grow i wud of had 1 plant in a wardrobe under a 18w fluro and wonderd y i didnt get 10oz off it.

    i red them, sold my motorbike, went out brought a 400wHPS 40w of fluros, moved the baby from the little bedroom into the middle room, brought the gf some flowers and cooked her a meal then went off and grew 8oz of thai bud and enough leaf to keep us in space cake 4 a year.

    u can never had 2much knowlge, just to little time to work it all out.

    it bent my mind when i 1st red it, by the end of my 1st grow i wanted to know more and more. that was 12yr ago and im still learning. this has gotta b the longest iv ever held a hobby down.

    btw with the cash i had left from the bike after id set up the grow, took the gf shopping and paid the lecky bill. i took it and put it with the cash from sellin some of the thai and got another bike. much nicer than the 1 i started with
  18. yeah, i wish i could sell some of my crop, but i use it all, might have to start another box (or just use one of the 4 i already have). or maybe next may i'll plant a few hundred plants outside:D.
  19. i never sell my bud, just a personal thing, i like to give it away, but i'm in a position to do it, but if i wasn't i'd consider selling it, but would still prob decide against it........i like to see the smile on peoples faces when i give it to them, and see the effects when i give it away, how fast it works.....length of time, overall rating, i guess it's how i personally rate my own weed...............lol........Peace out...............Sid
  20. yeah, i like givin it away to freind a little too. i'm thinkin of selling to support the costs of my evergrowing growbox designs. I'll be bankrupt pretty soon

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