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1st time grower/in 12/12 now(want advice)

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by moneymaker1, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. This Moneymaker1. this is my first grow and i am in the process of 12/12 the pics below are the the plants(been in 12/12 for a month)they look pretty slow, but are gradually gaining hairs all over the shoots.
  2. No pic my friend ..

    Welcome to Grasscity dude :smoking:
  3. i need a fella to tell tell me how to get my pics on here.
  4. i need a fella to tell tell me how to get my pics on here.
  5. After clicking "Post Reply," scroll down until you see "Attach File:" Know that the maximum size your pic can be is 100k. Click "Browse..." and pick the picture you want to attach.

  6. where in washington are ya located mate?

    lets see those pics
  7. i guess the size of all my 20 pics are bigger then 102400 bytes anyone no how to maybe shrink em or get em on here. -near Vancouver
  8. irfanview works wonders. i'm not entirely sure of the download site but my guess would be irfanview.com or just do a search on google.

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