1st time DXM Trip. I need YOUR help

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  1. Hey blades.... well ive been thinking about this for a while now and I'm ready to try out this DXM stuff....... I need a bit of help though.

    Like- what dosage to take and any other tips you may have.

    I weigh about 130 pounds. I am 18 years old, about 5'6.... I have a Heart Murmer(If that means anything, just thought it might be helpful if I posted it, trying to be safe lol) I've taken lsd,blues,smoke weed everyday,percs,and some weird sea sick pills that make you trip a bit........ Also I drink redbulls, and other energy drinks regularly(Again do'nt know if this means anything, but I'm ust trying to be safe)

    Also I have an idea of what this trip is suppose to be like. But if anyone would like to share thier stories of their trip. (Good or bad) Please feel free, I'd love to hear them.

    All in All. Is this trip worth trying once?:wave:
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    I have no idea how that would effect your health.
    You want to trip on DXM or get high? Big difference in doses. 600mg's I would say would make you trip. 200mg's would get you high. I've never tripped before though but most people trip around 700-800mg's. You are light in weight though so it might be less. Take Zicam Max with warheads candy to get rid of the bitter taste. It is the most intense dxm use out there. 391mg's for .55 ounces.

  3. Well Ive never got high off DXM nor have I tripped off of it. What do most of you recommend? Im down to trip out. But I might be down to just get high?........... Can anyone share some stories?/

  4. I'm afraid to trip on it. Side effects get bad before you trip. I get really dizzy before I got any CEV's. Getting high can be fun. Just put on some psychedelic music or classic rock stuff (works for me), turn the lights out and enjoy the high and chilled feeling you get from it. Not a party drug for me. No hangover really at this dose. I'll let others talk about the tripping experiences.

  5. getting high off of it sounds fun to me. =P
  6. i don't think i tripped hardcore but i did trip. people noses and my glass were breathing a bit. not really any visuals per se but everything was really fuckin weird. i got double vision and everything was blurry as fuck. when playing gears of war 2 with my friend he said i would just stop playing out of nowhere and he would call my name and i wouldn't respond until a minute later. really fuckin weird. i'm hoping to access those fond memories when i trip on acid because i really want to know what happened that nght....
  7. the high isn't really a high, more of a drunk. slurring speech, trouble walking, shit like that. but it sure is fun.
  8. Depends on what plateau you'd like to get to.

    ^Plateau Dosage Calculator

    Comes in handy. For any other DXM info just check out the Erowid FAQ.

    I've had many fun trips on DXM...good luck bro.

  9. Thanks man! Just checked that site out, and ive decided to drink up 6.oz will this get me tripped the fuck out? Or just chillen with a slight trip and appreciation of music? I mean I read the plat scale on the site, but I always like to hear it from other people, bc websites can be non accurate sometimes lol.
  10. For a first time experience I'd go with a solid 1st plateau dose, and smoke some weed during the peak. IMO that combination is absolutely heavenly.

    1st plateau doses are incredibly euphoric, which has led the the DXM moniker of "the poor man's ecstasy." Euphoria starts to drop off after the 1st plateau though, so be careful.
  11. Thanks, about how long does the 1st plateau last for? for ex if i took 89mg at 130 pds. How long would the 1st plateau stay with me for?
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    You'll start coming down after about 3-4.

  13. I would say 3-4 hours. That isn't enough imo to notice much difference. Almost like being sober. It takes an hour to kick in and you feel it for 3-4 hours. It weakens after that but not totally gone.
  14. You'll start to come up about an hour after you dose (empty stomach, or 2 hours after a light meal or else you won't feel much...in which case up the dose), with it peaking about an hour after that, and then trailing off for 3-4 hours. So all in all, about 6 hours.

    At that dose, and combined with weed if you have any, I can fully recommend any of the things you would do on ecstasy: give yourself a light show, listen to some killer tunes, dance, and just have a fucking good time.

  15. RIGHT ON man!!! Im gonna try this shit out for sure. is it bad to fall asleep while still "trippin" or w.e? And I just ran out of nug and cant get ANY TILL tommorrow :( srry 4 caps, but im not fixing it. So will a light show and shit still be fun with out the weed?

  16. Take it early in the day. Eating, peeing, and sleeping are the things you'll find toughest with DXM. The opposite of weed in these areas.
  17. I took around 390mg last night and it felt like being really drunk and high. Vision was doubled at times, and some CEV's. Music was fun. Have fun!!!
  18. Nah, it's not bad to fall asleep while tripping, but I doubt you will. At lower doses DXM has a stimulent like effect. A light show might be fun without the weed, depending on how much your pupils dilate. Mine get huge, although it differs for everyone

  19. Well when I smoke weed anyways. Im always lazy and just chillen...... So I think if i were to smoke anyways I wouldnt be down to dance and shit lol. I actually have like 10 glowsticks in the fridge that my little sister plays with lolololol..... gonna DO WORK with them tonight i guess lol

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