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  1. Well i've been giving it some serious thought and i'm gonna give it a go, i've been doing a lot of reading on it, i'll tell you what i know and if you's could tell me what i'm missing it would be much appreciated......1) which seed i purchase (thanks to www.ukseedspplies.com) depends on where i live...i.e what conditions it will be growing under...i live in Scotland and i thought that i would have no chance of growing it here, had it not been for an article in the papers telling me of a private stash of £50,000 of weed found by a sea water riverbank, so it must be possible here.the temperture here can vary quite a bit but there is no chance of frost at the mo....some times it can be really hot for 3 or 4 days at a time during the summer....but most of the time even during summer it will rain every day.....daylight at the moment is about 17-18 hours that's from sunrise to sunset. I need a plant that will flower pretty fast, as it can get cold and frost late Sept early Oct...i have found a secluded spot away civilisation, it is on the bank of a valley which will help with irrigation approx 60 to 80ft high, with lots of good vegitation around that is at least 6' high and is exposed to sunlight for most of the day at least 14 or more,

    2)I was told that the best thing to do is to put my seeds into a jam jar and let them soak....if the seeds soak within 20 min or less then that will be the good seads, the not so good seeds will float at the top. when you plat you're seed you should place the root facing downward and place it approx 2" under the soil, and if the soil is moist enough i shouldn't need to water it for about 4 days? when the seeds are about 4" high i should take them to my site to be planted.

    3)In advance i will have dug a hole approx 2' by 2' deep about 2 weeks before making sure that i am through any clay that may be there, i should fill 1/2 the hole with potting soil and the other 1/2 with top soil and i should put the plant in 1/2 way up to the first set of leaves, and that i should add about 25cl of water to the roots.

    3) at this point i should consider cutting up a 3 litre bottld punching some holes in it for ventilation and putting a jagged edge on the top to stop slugs....which aren't a big problem here

    4) i should also pee in a bottle and spread it around in a circle to stop such animals as rabbits and anything that may want to eat my badboy,

    5) is what i am missing...general maintence of my plant while it's growing...such as adding lime or something? and looking out for fungus from heavy rain fall before the plant has time to dry out, and to what extent it has to pruned back after an infection?

    6)When is the correct time to harvest??? is there a definate way to tell?

    7) how exactly do you harvest it....take the leaves and buds off or do you cut the plant down ata cercain height...i thing you hang it upside down for something like 5 days?? but i'm not sure!!!

    8) is it a possibility that in the ground next to my 1st plant some seeds will sprout next year by themselves?? if i had planted approx 3 to 4 plants the year before and at least 1 of them had turned out to be male?

    well i hope i haven't bored you it's just that i like to know my shit before i try to grow it.....but especially what type of seeds i should purchase depending on the previous information i have given...well i gotta go...as i'm really struggeling to correct my spelling mistakes as i've too many (no enough lol!!!) hits from the bong).....peace out.....Sid
  2. Firstly if you haven't purchased any seeds yet, I would recommend "Sensi-seeds DURBAN" easy to grow and very mold resistant. Don't bother to test in a jam jar etc....just plant them all and see what comes up!

    Soil enhancers vary, I have had much success by mixing "worm casts" and "miracle gro compost" generally any good quality compost will do, remember the 'erb is a very tough plant! Feed them with a good liquid fert once a month, again miracle gro seems ideal.

    For security etc I would suggest using some wire fencing, about 2 feet high will do, bend the top 2-3 inches outwards to discourage any wildlife, and as for slugs? just use the waterproof slug pellets available from most garden centres etc.

    There is no correct time to harvest, best to keep a regular check on the progress from beginning Sept, although the fine 'erb should be "ready" about the end of Sept.
    More importantly is to spot the male plants and remove them from the females before they flower! The spotting of males can be very difficult! Closely check the buds, if no white hairs from bud then it is a male plant, remove it! Don't bin it though, you CAN still smoke/cook with it. Check for males from early july onwards.

    To harvest, if poss cut the whole plant and hang to dry! approx 5 days, then store the fine 'erb in glass airtight containers.

    Remember plants will grow quite effectively with as little sunshine as 5 hours per day! but cannot survive without water!
  3. hey thanks for the advice....well one thing we aint short of is rain....thats what i was worried about....that it might get too much water...is that possible??
  4. Not really, however in the very early stages you might want to protect the new seedlings from rain damage. A clear plastic cover over the top will do, just make sure it doesn't come into contact with the fine 'erb and cause damage!

    Other than that.....have fun!

    Let us know your progress as the season passes!
  5. Hey man.

    Just read yer post. Ilive in N.Ireland and had the same Ques as u do. Buut U know what.....dont worry cos you'll soon find that those little fuckers are as tough as old boots and will put up with a lot of abuse (apart from nosey humans)
  6. Sounds like your off to a good start,,,,sensi seeds,seedsdirect,are very good banks...have fun,,and keep us posted ....

  7. Hey all,

    I just put my babies out from indoors.

    I started them inside about 10 weeks before the last frost here. Because of the low light they started to bud and I was able to remove the male plants, (2 of 6), so I am sure all are females now, BONUS.

    I started putting them outside when it was warm but kept them in the shade to keep them from getting burned. However they still got sunburned when I moved them to full sunlight.

    I finally got them in the ground a couple of days ago,

    They are looking really good and are over 24 inches. They didn't get burned too bad and I am hoping for a big payoff in 4 months.
  8. o.k.....sorry to bother you guys with the questions, it's just that i am very mew to this and i tried looking up the answer to my exact question and couldn't find the answer, in the timescale required...i'm just scared that it's not going to get what it wants in time....i've planted one seed in a 5"pot with miricle grow and low and behold the little bugger has sprouted to about 2cm and there are 4 leaves...2 jagged edged and 2 plain....i know that i have to use a good fert such as miricle grow or schultz, but how much do i use and how often....is their a formula for this....? i was going to mix about 10ml fert to 30ml water....is this o.k.?....ps i don't know what type of plant it is as it is not from the seeds i bought, it was one my friend found in his grass....any help would be much appreciated...tnx
  9. Hey man.
    By all means fertilize. I choose to use an organic seaweed based fertilizer. not to strong though cos of the nitrogen content, about 20 drops to half a pint of water. because it is organic this means that all the fert is used by the plant and leaves no residues.

    Godspeed my fellow grower.
  10. Don't put seeds 2 inches deep You want them about a half inch deep at most.

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