1st roor :)

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  1. I just got my first roor off of one my friends for $175, according to him it's a 14" 3.2mm lil sista, it's a black label beaker bottom and has ice notches. Man the first time I used it, it was worlds apart from the homemade i had been using. Anyways I'll get some pictures once I can buy some batteries for my digital camera.
  2. if it's a "Lil Sis" then it's German, and if it's German with a black label it's 5mm. if it's 3.2mm with a black label it's a RooR.us, and not a "Lil Sis".

  3. My thoughts exactly.
  4. You can get them brand new online for $160 and shipping to the us (legal) is $10.
  5. That off Edi.com ?
  6. yes from grasscity
  7. I was thinking about getting a RooR from them but we've got a Roor.us dealer in boynton beach, Fl so i may just swing by there. $300 for a lux mini though...but i get it right away.
  8. i just ordered from EDIT on friday, lets see how long it takes til my new baby roor is waiting on my doorstep :bongin:
  9. Nice lets get some pics!
  10. well i dont even know how thick it is really, my friend wasn't sure either actually. anyways, the price tag on the piece itself was 299.99 so im not sure
  11. cool. looking forward to pics
  12. Is roor like the benz of pot smoking equipment or something? Ive never heard of it.
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    arguably, yes.

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