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    I had three seeds, ungerminated, and i want them to grow naturally. So, i found an unpopulated place, right next to a pond, in a field.
    They were planted on May 9, '10.
    I pushed my finger half an inch deep into the soft, but fertile earth, and dropped one seed in; covered it, and threw a little bit of water on top.
    I repeated the pattern with the two other seeds.
    It is now May 13, '10; and i have just checked on the seedlings.
    I am not seeing any growth, but i am guessing that is just because i didn't germinate them, so i guess they're germinating underground.
    I don't plan on messing with them that much.
    It's really just a 'fuck it' grow.
    If i get some good shit out of it, i won't be surprised, because i got it from some crazy-ass 'noname' shit.
    I just want to keep it simple.
    I've had previous grows on where i lived in Missouri, and had 9 plants that grew from a swamp, it was similar to this, except now, i live in Tennessee, and its farms; not woods.
    It gets PLENTY of sunlight where my spot is, from 6:30 AM, to 7:45 PM.
    I was just wondering whether all of this will work,
    And, if so, when should growth be expected?
  2. 1/2 inch is too deep. Also I don't recommend planting so close to a pond. I lost 12 seedlings this week. Finally you should work the soil when you plant outside. I know plants hhave super-strength, but you want to make it as easy as possible for the seed to sprout through the soil. Don't give up. Find a few more seeds.

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