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  1. Hey I'm little late on this should have started when I planted these clones but someone introduced to a STUPID ASS FORUM CALLED CANNIBIS.COM the stupidest forum in my opinion. I post and post and post and maybe get one reply. NO help they all think there too good for newbs like me. Well let me tell you something cannibis is a sharing and caring medicine. If you wana be a up tight, air head then go be a tweaker. These forums are here for a reason.

    So thank you all you GCers you all have been a great help glad I came across this site.

    Ok so sorry for my rant heres the girls and lil discription.

    So I picked up 6 clones on 7/25/12 and planted them in 5 gallon pots. (2 girl scout cookie, 2 blue dreams, and cherry pie.) ( and 2 black cherry soda's planted in 7 gallons n planted around 8/3/12 kinda made was high n forgot to right planted date on my records.

    I started them inside under my t5 6bulb hydrofarm fixture. They seemed ok that night and next day and then started to fall off. So I had to move them outside which is what i planned on doin was just guna try and grow em up a lil longer but so late in session and plants werent liken the t5 i put em outside.
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  3. 1st day outside



  4. Making the recovery. My stupid ass wasn't thinking and had to have my mom tell me they needed water. Wow she does have a green thumb n soon to be a card holder.









  5. For soil I'm use Empire build mixed with Organic Roots.






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  6. Looking healthy man, keep up the work:)

  7. thanks yea im new so I know I need to learn a little more bout indoor before i get a head of myself.
    thanks tho man.

    Right now I'm not using any nute picking up some iguana juice today veg and flower. But i wasnt sure if its to late to give them veg nute or should i just give them flowering nutes. They just now are starting to get white hairs out of the 2 pistols. this a sign of flowering?
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    U will lucky if I get a half o of each one. U should also move it away form that nasty pool. Good way to help the bugs and mold along. 2 plants one pot. That's never a good idea.
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    heres how they stand today at 6:45am and 8am cali time

  10. Yea I know I'm not guna get much cause its so late in season and for my 1st grow thats fine get to learn while their small then mess up a whole 7ft plant.

    And yea pools nasty we have been keeping up on it till the last month havent done nothing to it. And I plan on draining the pool today. actually i am right now.

    No mold yet. But I do have palm trees which sucks got some nifts on them so i got azamax and used it twice so far soil drencher and topical spray. This sat. will be day 3 not seeing as much.
  11. The tallest is sitting at 18" n its a girl scout
  12. [quote name='"tbudman"']the tallest is sitting at 18" n its a girl scout[/quote]

  13. Is it ok to use veg nutes on them or no just use flowering nutes. They haven't got any nutes so far. Just extreme plant tea.

    And how can you tell pre-flower will white hairs be coming out the pistols?
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    I have been feeding flower Ferts for like 3 weeks now on some of my plants. No one can tell but u. U have to tread your plants.
  15. Ok yea so I guess ill feed some flower nute to a couple plants cause I think they are pre flowering.
  16. Welcome to the city of grass
  17. Thanks man
  18. ok yea the pistols have white hairs come out of them now. So I'd say pre-flowering?

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