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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by bird seed, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. This my first time doing a micro grow. The sprouting in 4 days old and flowering today (have to keep it small I'm a noob) 80 watts adding a twenty when it gets to its 4th node to small to handle that kinda heat.


  2. congrats on the sprout. Do you have proper ventilation in your box even cfls can get pretty hot quick.
  3. No I'm just trying to keep it stealthy what should I do on noise like for a fan.
  4. Any little fan will help. The ones with the clip make it conveinent depending on if you have a place to clip it to. Stay away from the cheap metal fans. They will rattle sooner or later and if noise is an issue it won't be worth it. Something made mostly of plastic will be your best bet. Also, you want something with at least two speeds. Most of the metal cheapos only have one speed. Here is an example of what you should have. I haven't use this brand but it is the type of fan I am talking about.

    10 Inch Breeze Machine Brown Fan, Portable Breeze Fan, Adjustable Breeze Machine Fan
  5. [​IMG] Its getting Bigger c:
    Germing 2 other seeds so adding another plant in cause this is a male. plus both will be from 2 different bags.
  6. computer fans work well and you can adjust the speed by using a multi voltage adapter and switch between voltages

    training a fan directly at the plants makes a huge difference in growth rates
  7. Ah, here it is, finnaly. Subbed ofc
  8. Are they bagseeds (if so, got anny clues on the strain/genetics?), or are they bought from a seedbank or something? :)
  9. Subbed. I like newby grows theyre the best!
  10. Ill show the growth after 1/4th nutes tonight.
  11. Sweet looking forward to it.
  12. This is the baby and I'm wondering when can I lst and top.


  13. Its bag seed as well.
  14. You have to wait like two weeks im pretty sure until you have more nodes and you can identify its gender.
  15. Reicived this in the mail today for free used for transplanting and 10 days after dring flower you can do the same for veg but use it every 2 weeks. Gives you better roots.

  16. Subbed and popping in to say hi!
  17. This is a super cheap grow the soil was only 19 which will last forever and I just had to buy a socket to fit 2 lights and I was done, if I can grow you can as well.


  18. She looks really stretched. Is the light that close or did you move it in?
  19. When it was first sprouted you could see how far it stretched from the first leaves. Then I moved the lights a tad closer so you can see some stretching forming its first node and then I put some books underneath it to get it closer to the light now it is more squat but it sucks that the mainstem on the bottom is forever stretched.
  20. That's not to much of a problem as long as it can support itself

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