1st indoor grow help make it a good one please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Doctor_Funk, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. The Room* a closet...


    Jalli A-18 with bulbs
    Blue -Pl 96w-AB
    White-Pl 96w
    One of these lights and hood aprox 3ft long


    Custom Sea Life inc
    65w Smart light retrofit
    two of these kits that are about 2ft long
    * no pics of the lights up close but there the two box's stacked infront of the larger tank on the floor

    and a unknown brand HPS light and hood with light bulb #'s
    uhi-150 Aqua
    f-2418 g-19
    V5 5kv Pulse rated 500w 600v.

  2. now the grow info...

    Had roughly 10 fully germinated seeds with tails sticking out after leaving seeds in wet napkins for several days..

    planted them into the small growing plastic shit? well after about a week not a damm thing popped up..... :^(

    so i re think and try again, this time i get something! one of the trays allowed for a new seedling to sprout to about a 1in and looked good for about 3days.

    then it happend i came up with the idea to put the hps, jalli and anoter 40w dual flouro over it, i belive this led to the death of it. to much light +heat etc soil was dead dry and plant ruined.:^(

    well now again depressed i started reading more and decide to take a diffrent approach this time i pick up some peat moss seedling starting things? and give this a try to a germinated seed !


    were at day 2 under the jalli light and all looks good i believe the little white sprout is pushing threw and comming up for air *fingers crossed*

    so far ive decided to not water the plant everytime i think it should be, checked the soil tonight and its moist but not to moist i think it should help with the 1st growth of the plant but normally watering will be every 3-4 days depending of soil's moister level.
  3. now for your help....

    am i going at this all wroung??

    im still very new to this, should i scrap those fish tanks? i was looking for ideas on a all new setup once this plant takes more life, i believe i have strong enough lights to really grow some bud but i think my whole setup is off please share your thoughts....

  4. Ok. First, get rid of the Blue lights. They are crap. Second, toss the fish tanks. Those too, are crap. Nobody grows with blue lights or fish tanks. ;)

    Some tips...

    1) Read grasscity and overgrow.com
    2) Read Books (Barnes & Noble has quite a good selection of marijuana specific cultivation guides)
    3) Ask questions
    4) Read marijuana magazines
    5) Read more
    And just when you think you've read enough, go back and read it all over again.

    Your lighting looks ok. Except for the blue bulbs of course. ;) Fluros are good for starting seedlings and clones. Your 65w tubes should be ok as long as they are "cool white" bulbs. Looks like you have a 400w HPS lamp there. The ballasts are usually 100w higher, hence the 500w. If the bulb is not new I would go buy a new one right away. Bring the old bulb with you to make sure you get the correct wattage. Don't quote me on that 400w either. I could be wrong. But I never heard of a 500w hps before. ANd when you ge a bulb, get a good one, like a "Hortilux." btw...you definately killed that little seedling with all that light. lol oh well, we all make mistakes

    Now, to start the seeds, use the paper towel method like you did before. It seems to be the most reliable. For me at least. And if it works for you, then stick with it. If you are going to use the Jiffy Peat Pellets, soak them, then squeeze them out slightly. You place the seed in them and put them in the tray. For best results, buy a seedling heat mat, tray, and humidity dome. Its a kit called the "Germination Station" or something similar. Costs about $20. Worth it. It keeps the peat pellets and seedlings warm, which ups the chances they'll sprout.

    Once the seedlings break the surface of the soil, turn the fluros on and put them about 4 to 6 inches above the tops of the seedlings. Keep adjusting the lights as the plants grow to keep a 4 to 6 inch space between the tops and the bulbs.

    These Jiffy pellets hold water pretty well. They don't dry out too fast, espceially under fluros (i've used them a lot). You don't want to keep them soaking wet. You want the plant to build roots. If the plant has plenty of water, it doesn't need to build roots quickly. So, if you just keep the peat pellets moist, instead of wet, the plant builds roots faster to search for water. SO DON'T OVERWATER!! :D lol

    After about a week under the fluros the plant will have a couple of leaves. I assume you are growing in soil, not hydroponics, so its time to put your seedling into the first pot. Whatever size you want. A 1 gallon or 2 gallon to start. I wouldn't go larger then 2 gallon. You'll have to decide which soil you want to use also. I recommend Pro-Mix. Its a good all around soil. I usually add about 10% extra perlite to it for some added drainage but its not necessary.

    It should be sturdy enough now to go under the HPS and receive nutrients also. The nutrients I leave up to you. You will have to decide for yourself which one you want. I use DNF. It works great in soil and hydroponics. I also use B'Cuzz along with the DNF as an organic additive. For soil I think DNF is really cheap for what it is. One bottle lasts a long time.

    You need to think about ventilation in that closet. If possible, you should buy a duct fan and cut a hole to vent into another room. Plants need a constant supply of fresh air. Without it, they die. They breathe CO2 and give off O2, so it helps if you go into the closet and spend time in there just breathing. It raises the ppm of co2 in the air and helps the plants to grow bigger.:) Make sure to open the door to the closet a few times a day at least just to make sure theres enough air exchange.

    I think thats about all you need to know right now. Just do a lot of reading. Check out the grow journals on this site. Theres tons of great information in them. Good luck.
  5. thank you for your time to reply to my post so quickly, The Soil i didnt go over cause i was tired and forgot what i have.

    I picked up from the local home depot a bag of cow menewer, *shit..... some perlite an actual bag of it, then some potting soil that i later found out contained perlite in it.

    thats what i had in the trays.

    today when i go back to the grow home im going to remove that blue light wut should i put in its place my 3foot fluro against the wall?

    also why do i need a new hps bulb? when i turn that light on it sure gets bright, either way if its needed i will do it! wuts the retail on one of those bulbs and where should i look to get them? I got all the lights from a friend at a fish store for free so im pretty good with the budget right now.

    I want to take everything out of that room and re do it completely. im gonna go there with a measuring tape and take notes and make a schematic of it. so i can come back and get more help :^)

    looking for ideas on wut to build for a grow station and how to mount lights etc..

    also i was wondering about making a hood or atleast some mylar to bounce the light around the plants once they get larger, which brings me to ask where to get mylar? ps ive read the 15 dollar hood at edge forums where he bends the tin and mounts the mylar.

    thanks for all the help i'll be back with more questions im sure..
  6. No problem. Sounds like you got the soil covered. You can make a good soil mixture with what you have. Add some extra perlite since you have it. Extra drainage is definately a plus!

    About the bulb. You didn't know the specifics of the lamp, so that lead me to believe you didn't buy it new. And since its used, you probably don't know how long the bulb was used for. HPS bulbs only last about 12 months. They'll still LOOK like they're working fine after that, but really they're just not as intense. Light is VERY important. Pick up a new bulb. Unless you know for sure its new. If its a 400w, you can get one at Home Depot I think. If not, go to a hydroponics supply store. They have the Hortilux bulbs you want.

    Which leads to your other question about where to get the Mylar. Only place I could ever find Mylar is hydroponics stores. Find one close to you. You'll be making a lot of trips there. If there isn't one close to you, theres many internet hydro shops that sell everything you need shipped right to your door, errr, your friend's door. ;)
  7. ok sounds good i'll pick up a bulb as soon as I can and get some mylar..

    what do you think a bulb and mylar will set me back? $$

    also as of right now i only have one possible plant I need to get some seeds but dont see the need to spend 50-100bux for 10 seeds that might die if my setup is wroung once again.

    do you have a preferred seed guy to go to that has some cheaper seeds or should i just man up and buy some stickey icky
  8. Bulb should be around $60. Roll of Mylar is about $30.

    Good question.

    Go to www.seedsdirect.to

    Pick a strain from "Nirvana Seeds Standard." They are all $15 a pack. Except the AK-48 which is $30 a pack. My favorite is the White Rhino. Pick up a pack of Nirvana White Rhino (easy to grow and quick flowering), or whatever strain you want for $15 and seedsdirect gives you a free pack of 15 Skunk #1 seeds with them too. So you don't have to lay out a lot of money for good seeds.

    Get the Nirvana seeds. Bag seed is unpredictable. You'll get better results if you get good genetics.
  9. thx for helping him blazin:)

    and as far as seeds go, Aslong as you do not live in the U.S Grasscity has a nice bunch of strains that can be shipped to you, go to the shop then marijuana seeds:)
  10. is there a site that breaks down strains and wut types of strains are the strongest etc...

    im sorry to say that I do live in the great Usa where mj is a no no here :^(......and after looking at all the sick seeds grasscity has to offer its sad to see i cannot make purchases here..

    seedsdirect does i believe so i guess i will order from them, unless anyone knows any other ways; do people on the forum have seeds to sell ever?
  11. I've never ordered from grasscity cause I live in America. So I couldn't really recommend it.

    If you want me to recommend a strain, just ask.;) Let me know what you are looking for in your bud, and I'll see if I can help you out. I haven't been growing all that long, but I've grown 8 strains since February. :)

    Check out Overgrow.com's Strainguide. Theres reports for almost every strain.

    I've ordered from seedsdirect about 7 times this year. If you order on a Monday by 1 pm Eastern time, you'll have your seeds by Friday at the latest. They are good. Only once they took longer then that. And it was only a couple days. Plus, free seeds with every order rocks.
  12. blazin your the man! im gonna send out some bud to you once i get shit up and running im learning more in the past day then i have in months of looking in the wroung places...

    wut kind of bud best describes my smoking habits hmmmm

    I want a ugly ass funky smelly sticky make you wanan gag but gets you high as a mother trucker type of bud...

    I need to know what the strongest shit is period..

  13. Just curious, how do you expect to ship weed ? :) If you know please tell me, because I wouldn't mind knowing how. The only way of shipping weed I know of is hand delivery.

  14. lol Thanks. But thats ok.

    Uhhh, if ya really think about it, that pretty much describes any good strain thats grown well.:)

    Do you like Indica or Sativa?

    Indica is a generally short bushy plant with wide leaves. You get a very "stoney" feeling when you smoke it. Couchlock high. Definately a body stone. These have a short flowering period and tend to yield heavy.

    Sativa is a tall thin and lanky plant. Grows in the tropics. The high is very heady. Kinda like an energetic euphoric drunkeness in my opinion. My favorite. ;) Its an Up high. These have a longer flowering period and tend to yield less per plant.

  15. Im a source in a anabolic steriods and know how to ship many things and recieve things, i dont think details should be put on the board but theres many loop holes in the postal service

  16. hmm both of them seem damm fine to me at times, but for the indoor purpose and this alone i would like shorter and thicker instead of tall and lanky i just dont think i have the head room to grow a sativa in a aspect to yield also.
  17. update on the grow;

    I found another germinated seed in some almost dry paper towels i was kinda shocked to see its solid tail and good looks i thought the last of my seeds were all dead beats...

    so i took a jiffy peat pellet and soaked it in some warm water till it grew then rolled it in my hand to let some water out of it and planted the seed this time seed*B,tail down, i put this into a shallow plastic bowl and some plastic rap on top of it loosely i also did this to the other seed *A and put them roughly 8in under the one white jalli and the two 3ft fluros came back a while later and noted that seed B's tail was starting to come up to the light, if this isnt supposed to happen then i guess it wiggled or somthing cause i knew i pu it tail down..

  18. Either way you go, your gonna want to top the plants, which is cutting the top of the plants off when they are about 12 inches tall. This makes the plant grow more main colas instead of 1 main cola. You yield much more from each plant and they don't grow nearly as high. They usually stay about half their height if you top them.

    If I were going to go back to my first grow and do it all over again I'd try Bogglegum first. Even though I haven't even grown it yet. I say Bogglebum because it has a 40 - 44 day flowering period. Thats VERY short. You can have bud in about 11 weeks from dry seed with Bogglegum. Its mostly Indica, so it doesn't grow tall. But it yields a lot. And its Bubblegum, crossed with Northern Lights #5, so its gonna have that head rush I like, while still maintaining Indica qualities.

    But the Bogglegum is like $55 a pack or something and you wanted to get cheaper seeds to start. Maybe you should try Nirvana's Ice strain. I've heard good thing about it.
  19. blaze can you tell if my one lamp is a Hps or not? from the picture, i cant find any help online searching for the part numbers
  20. Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. Just turn the lamp on, take a picture of it from across the room, and post it here.

    If its a bright amber/yellow, its HPS. If is a bright White, its Metal Halide.

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