1st Hydro, 10 Tops, LST from Homemade Fem Seed, FLOWERING

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  1. Unfortunately I didn't cut down those leaves they all died and fell off. I was without a ph/ec meter for over a month and as a result the plant got really sick. I would not recommend cutting off leaves that are still healthy. For one reason if and when you have nutrient deficiencies the plant will use up stored nutes in the shade leaves before the buds get sick. So having all of those extra leaves is sort of a buffer. Secondly just because they aren't on the bud doesn't mean the plant doesn't need them. Yes, by cutting off shade leaves the lower buds would get more light. Is it worth it? I would have to agree with your book, no, it's not worth cutting off healthy growth.

    I hope this answers your question.
  2. Why are you so worried about those leaves yellowing like that? You do know that as you flower the leaves will turn somewhat yellow. Its the plant using up the remaining nitrogen in the leaves. Totally normal dude. Dont go giving alot of nitrogen to get the leaves green again. Plants in flower dont like alot of nitrogen and it will give your smoke a chemically taste.
  3. I think it's getting close. There are a few amber trichs. Less than 10% but they are coming. How long before I harvest should I flush? Do I need an addaive to flush all the salts or will plain water do? How strong should the nute solution be at the end? This is my first hydro so I'm in the dark. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey man looks great. I have not grown hydroponically but I have cloned hydroponically. Everything I have read says hydro could be flushed a week sooner than soil at about 1 week from harvest. Since your plants look fert burned you might go say at least 7 days to 14 days before harvest. Just my thoughts though based on only book knowledge of the subject. Finishing products the same, never used them in soil.
  5. I would flush now if i were you they look real good though. Just read your whole grow journal and was getting worried a couple times but you brought it back everytime. Now lets just see if you can bring it back for his/her big day... Good luck, Stay High:bongin:
  6. Thanks guys. Problems have plagued me for the past year, my first year, of growing but that doesn't bother me. Each problem has forced me to learn the hard way but it's all good to have under my belt. My confidence is going up but I know I have a way to go. You could say that the past two harvests were shwagish mids. Hopefully my current, veg stage, grow will be the game changer; not kind, but close. It's not like I got into this for one or two grows, I want to be a connoisseur. Just like wine nuts opening a vinyard, there will always be some growing pains.

    Once I see about 25% amber trichs I will flush. I'm still not sure if I should use straight water or very mild nutes though. I'll do some more reading. I think its time for a Hydro specific book.
  7. Wanna start by saying this is a cool learning experience for me watching a first hydro. I've always grown organic soil. So I'm a fan of the grow

    But I will say that Nutes only go so far man. Over fertilizing your plants result in curled fan leaf tips and yellowing of different parts of the fan leaves. Adding ferts obviously also has an adverse affect on the end taste and smoke of the bud itself. If flushed properly this can be avoided in most cases. I would suggest that you use pure water through the last 1.5 to 2 weeks of flowering. In most cases I've seen its not the nutes that ultimately affect the output but rather the genetics of the particular seed stock and the strength and output of light given to the plant. Although nutrients are essential to a healthy productive plant I feel as though they are overused by many. Your looking quite good though. Cheers.
  8. I cut one cola off and have let it dry for a few days. It's not smokable yet but with the help of a microwave I sampled a bit.

    one bud
    and another

    Smokes good and I'm high off 2 hits.

    Not bad at all for a non flushed early harvest hermie bud:smoke:
  9. That is bad ass man, great turn out.
  10. Thanks dude, it smokes as good as it looks. A bit harsh but with curing, from the early harvest, I'm already seeing improvements in taste.

    I haven't sampled anything from the main harvest yet. I did a pure water flush for 26hrs with a 18hr dark period before I chopped it. No reason for the odd amount of hours it just turned out that way with my schedule.

    Without further adu, my he/she


    Merry Christmas
  11. sweet man! what strain was this?
  12. B-E-A-utiful roots sika. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year to all.
  13. It's a cross between a bagseed plant I grew and a Whit Widow/Skunk hybrid. I tried to make fem seeds but ended up hermie. Gets me high though, that's for sure.
  14. just got done reading the whole thread. awesome job man. i'm in the final stages of finishin my first grow. what % of the pistols are supposed to be amber when you harvest/when you harvested? i've read some different info on the types of high you get depending on when you harvest like the whiter (younger) the pistols the more energenic the high, didn't know if you ever heard anything like that or not. also, what kinda yield did you end up getting?

  15. Hey man, sorry for the slow reply. It's been a crazy few weeks but the good part is I've got a pretty big supply of happy stuff. As for the pistols, forget about them. What you need is a $20 pocket microscope from radio shack, they all carry them, but if not just do a search for "pocket microscope" Then look at the trichromes (crystals) on the bud under the microscope. They start clear then get to be milky white and finally turn amber. You want about 50/50 white/amber.

    The more white the more uplifting the high.
    The more amber the couch lock syndrome.

    Keep it close to 50/50 because too far either way can be a bad thing.

    Hope this helps.:smoking:

    :hello:Happy New Year!
  16. wow man... i just read your current grow then popped over here...

    ya had me scared for a while, haha. I'm glad he/she pulled through finally :smoke:

    You mentioned that your bubble bucket cost only $30... wanna walk me through the supplies? I can't seem to do it for under like $50
  17. $5 for the bucket w/ lid from a local paint store.
    $2 for the pot I drilled holes in (I already had a pot from a soil grow)
    $5 for the Air Pump
    $15 for the various hoses, fittings and drain. (Buy these at an industrial hose supply shop, not a big box store. The prices will be about half as much.)

    Don't put a water level on it. You'll have to open the lid from time to time to check the ec/pH so don't waist your time/money. Not to mention it gets all scummy since light can get to the water through the sight. And It's one more potential leak spot.

    The bubble bucket is by far the cheapest way to get started in the hydro world. Though not ideal, it's a great way to learn the ins/outs of hydro growing. I wouldn't plan on leaving for more than a long weekend while you're growing with a bubble bucket. It's only got 3-4 gallons which won't last long. This is why I switched to a 30gal rubbermaid container for my current grow.

    Start a Journal Man; let people learn with you :rolleyes:. Good Luck!:wave:
  18. It's smoking better and better every day.

    Happy Growing :)

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