1st Hydro, 10 Tops, LST from Homemade Fem Seed, FLOWERING

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  1. Let me just start by saying Hydro is the way to go. So far it has been ten times easier than growing in soil. Nutes to strong; drain off some nutrient solution and add ph balanced water. Nutes too weak; add nutes. It is as simple as that. Not to mention my bubble bucket cost under $30.

    This will be my second grow. Last time I had countless problems but did end up with some smoke. It was a huge learning experience, as I'm sure this one will be. My Last Grow I did get to make some femenized seeds though, because one of my plants was a hermi.

    I'm using the Fox Farm 3 pack I had from my soil grow. You are supposed to use a different "Grow Big" for hydro but I haven't had any problems.

    My ph ranges from 5.5 - 6.0 I like to keep it around 5.8. I had a few problems when It dipped below 5.5 but that was a quick fix.

    I don't have an EC meter and I'm not sure if I'll get one.

    I'm using a 250W MH for veg and plan to add a 400W HPS in a few days. I think I'll keep both in there for the duration if I can keep the heat down. I'll put the MH vertical and the HPS horizontal. I'm hoping the combined light spectrum's will make up for not using soil. We'll see.

    I used 18-6 for Veg and I'm transitioning to 12-12 1 hour every other day. Currently 17-7


    I'll upload some more recent pics tonight once the lights turn on
  2. nice looking plant. good luck
  3. I just added the HPS

  4. I have the same HTG 400 hps!!! got ot off e bay!! yer gonna love it!!! I have been getting about an oz 1/2 per plant and the fucker is so cool you can touch the hood and it is cool!! I can damn near leave my closet completely closed!!!! wheeeeee
  5. lookin good man, im also doing my first hydro grow, sprout hasnt broken ground yet though so im a little behind you! il be keepin an eye on this, good luck!
  6. The pictures look like shit under the HPS so I took this shot w/ all the lights off.

  7. Bad news buddy, hermies breed hermies!
    So that's no homemade feminized seed you got there.....:(
  8. I took hermie pollen and crossed it with a 100% female plant.
  9. Leading to 100% hermie seeds.
  10. Only time will tell now. I'm too far in to quit and I want to know if my other 50 or so seeds are any good. Thanks for the input though.
  11. Hermie pollen + 100% female plant = 99.9% chance of a female seed according to many of the threads here.
  12. I've been reading as much as I can after I saw that bombshell this morning and I think you are right, I hope you are right. The only thing I found to the contrary is that feminized seeds are more likely to turn hermie if they are stressed. The good news is they haven't had any stress and there are no light leaks in my grow room. I've also read that using a 24/7 light cycle in the veg stage can cause a hermie. Have you ever heard that.
  13. Hey bro welcome back. Glad the hydro is working well for you.

    That quote you quoted from me I wrote verbatim from Mel Frank's book so in theory your seed should be 99% feminized. Treat her right [like you are] and I would be surprised if there was a problem.

    Nice plant, is that LST & FIM?

    Is that a 5 gallon bucket?

    Is that 77 degrees the air or water temp?

    Oh I had feminized seeds under 24/7 for a while a couple times and never saw hermies.

    Looks great.

    One thing I don't understand is why you say going to add more light to compensate for not being in hydro. Hydro will grow watt for watt and gallon for gallon, bigger plants in less time than soil.
  14. .....
  15. I was gone yesterday and she drank 2 gallons in 36 hours. Still no signs of sex yet though.
  16. lookin great man, and Im not one to cause beef AT ALL, and I hope I dont regret this . . . . . . . . . . . . .:rolleyes:

    but from my GC experience my advice to you is to listen to VTEC over URG8ESTFEAR any day of the millenia . . . . .

    no offense AT ALL URGR8EST just my personal experience. You seem like you speak before you think sometimes man, just gotta speak it like I see it

    So if Vtec says ur chances are 99% and URGR8EST says u screwed, dont worry man my moneys with Vtec and my money is deep lol

    again no offense just hopefully some food for thought

    peace man hope I dont eat my foot :D
  17. No worries man. VTEC has given me countless advise so I really never was all that worried. I think URGR8EST got the difference between straight hermi seeds and hermi pollinated on 100% female plant mixed up.

    I just wish this plant would show sex so I could stop bighting my nails.
  18. Very nice, welcome back! :hello:
  19. Mixed up? Maybe.

    I just figured 99% female genes + 100% hermie genes would equal 50% fem. / 50% hermie genes with hermie-isme being dominant and the female part being recessive.

    If hermie genes were recessive and females genes dominant then no-one would ever end up with a hermie....

    I'm confused here now....can someone explain this to me?:confused:

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