1st Harvest**bagseed**

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gettinkrunkd, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Well its what the title says....Unfortunately I had to cut it short, so heres what I got.


    Smells like a skunk got ahold my hands! Im lookin forward to smokin my first homegrown
  2. how short did you cut them?
  3. i was 3 wks from 12/12 indoor, it use to be outdoor for a good 4 mon, but never got good sunlight. I brought it in for the last mon maybe under 12/12 and it completely blew up in hairs/leaves got taller as well. I know it could be as much as double in size if I had kept it the whole 8 or 9 weeks whatever, but i had to unfortunatly as much as it kills me. Its ok though, i got 10 WW sprouts and 3 B52 as well outside that ill be moving indoor soon enough.
  4. As long as you get high it's all good.. nice job on your first grow I can't wait until I live alone so I can grow because I hate paying top prices weed and I smoke a lot. Did you only harvest one plant? How cloudy are the trichs (or did you not look)?
  5. Congrats on your first yeild, bro.

    I know I would feel sooo good smoking my first harvested herb.
  6. i feel ya there. i cant even toke as much as i want to cuz im not on my own.

    yeah imagine... your own babies. not some shit you bought off some weirdo that gets it from someone u dont know... i bet it feels magical.
  7. oh yea its def nice. I didnt bother even checking the trichs cause it was so early. I smoked a tiny bud i quickly dried yest just to see, cause i already got buds right now, and man i was suprised, WAAAY better than the stuff im smoking now, i mean its only mids but i was suprised for a small, underdeveloped bud.....i cant wait to actually try the cured buds!
  8. Yo nice harvest brother.
    Get at me on aim!

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