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  1. I am into my second week of grow ph about 5.5 to 5.7 at this time just using T-5 light but my temps get down to 68F in the morning will that be ok or not. I am using a super closet so if someone have some input I would be very thankful!!!!!!

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  2. Im sure temps are ok what is your high? As for super closet im not too sure what that is. What is this a bubble bucket or some sort of aeroponics set up? I love watching new journels so im subbing! Give more info on ur set up and strain or strains. What light will u be switcing to? GL
  3. my high temp is 76F and super closet is a cabin box that comes setup already for the most part. I am new to all this but I am using Air Diffuser on cloner and flowering system plus i will be using a dripper system in the flowering chamber. My lights for flowering is a400 ballast. my strain I am starting with is northern light. Just looked at my babies and one is bended over its look health seen something on the net about they come back is that true r do I need to do something
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    Lower your lights as close as possible with out creating too much heat between the lights and plants(plants are stretched because of luck of light).:wave:
    P.S. I would like to see your set up,please take more pictures if you can.
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    Are you using only the one side of your hydro setup there? (in the pics) looks like the seedlings are bending toward your lights. Move the lights directly over top of them to stop the bending and stretching of the seedlings.(what R076 said lol) also subbed :) take some pictures of your set up also interested to see
  6. I would put something on the side of the bent over plant to hold it up. Maybe place broken rockwool around the plant to help support it and it will be okak. It sounds like your plant streched a little and it isnt strong enough to hold the top of the plant so give it a little help as well as place the light as low as possible as stated above.
  7. Is it ok to hold them up with a ice cream stick? My lights do not move in that part of the cabin will look for something to move my tank up to the lights!!!!! but here is pictures of the setup as i go on I am finding out this super closet is some bull. have to make it work for the best.

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  8. Looks very clean.
    If you can lift the tank up then you can try to slide few books under it to raise it up, but make sure tank is stable.
  9. Nice, are the controls for climate etc. On the back of the unit? Is that a single res or is it separated? If it's one tank maybe move all your seedlings closer to the center of the box? More light near the center then on the outsides.
  10. yes it is one tank and I think you're right will try that. thanks
  11. need some input last power when we got some weather about 2 weeks ago and my lil babies like good but it seems like they are flowering and not in a veggie mode. what do yall think I am keeping my ph around 5.8 to 6.0, TDS was 900 on saturday and 18hr on and 6hr off. I guess to me my leafs are to fat. This is my 1st grow and do not know how my plant pole to look like some help please. here is some pix
  12. pix did not upload some here they are.

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  13. You need to make something that will allow your light to move up and down as the plant grows.

    You will like Northern Lights, it's one of my favorites.
  14. I wouldn't be to concerned unless your lights were out for many hours. The reason your leaf is so fat is because of the strain your growing (northern lights) I can't see your little ones starting to bud from one outage (its happened to me on many times...) and if that was the case, keep it at 18/6 and the plant(s) will revert back to a veg state in a month or less. Just get your T5 lighting closer to your girls, feed them as needed, change the res and sit back and enjoy the ride.
  15. i have my lil babies in the main system now. Lights are about 12in from them and I can adjust them. i am changing my res every week. Thanks for the input

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