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  1. I'm out in happy valley Oregon and I've loved and had a fascination with weed knowledge for about 6 years now but have never grown a plant. I just want to be able to know one trusty good strain and one trusty good grow manual to do my 4 legal plants a year. I definitely want to go outdoors because the production is way more.
  2. read the stickys here on GC
  3. And wait till it's ACTUALLY legal to grow your four plants... Learn now, don't grow now.

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  4. Google Grow weed easy. There is a site named that, and it has all of the beginner information about choosing seeds, lights, soil, ect...and it is free!
  5. Thank you glass darkly I will I hope it has info on outside stuff but if only indoors ganj info I'll probably just do inside plus IMO indoors is smoother and has a more potent effect. And to cbd enthusiast that's EXACTLY what I'm doing. I can't grow ganj right now but i love to study so it gives me something enjoyable to do with my free time. I'm gonna go check out that site and get back at you guys.
  6. I'm a Portland medical grower/patient. We have access to some really good genetics so I would recommend starting out with a clone rather than seeds if you can. Also you should grow indoors, the main reason being you can only grow outside once a year and you only have 4 plants to work with anyways. You can find all the info you need on growing by searching the internet. Thats how I started and I'm doing fine.
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    You mean to tell me with Oregon's new law that was voted on, a person will only be able to grow 4 plants?
    Go to youtube. They got videos for all types of growing, whether inoors or outdoors.
    I can only grow indoor, but have had fun with it so far. I only do organic soil with a 600w HID.
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    I haven't really looked into the law that much because I'm already medical so it doesn't affect me but I think its 4 flowering plants, not sure about the veg limits though
    EDIT: Just looked it up and everything I see says ''4 plants per household'' so I think that means for flower and veg you can only have 4.
  9. I think, with my limited knowledge, that it means 4 plants at a time. 
  10. What are the limits on how much an individual can possess, grow, or buy? Once the law takes effect, adults 21 and older can possess up to eight ounces of marijuana and grow no more than four marijuana plants in their households. Those amounts are total limits for the household. Each adult can possess up to an ounce in public. Individuals 21 and older may also gift - but not sell – up to an ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana products in solid form, or 72 ounces of marijuana products in liquid form to other adults. The purchase limit will be one ounce, or the amount set by the liquor commission, whichever is lower.
  11. gracias grow trees. Could you give me like a list of the the materials and best strain you use so I have something to copy for my first grow and once I got it down just do what works every year then on out. Much good karma and respect.
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    I'd back that.
    I STILL grow from clone, but it's not just an "ease and health" thing.

    You can spend $100-$150 on a 10 pack of seeds from a decent seed bank...and end up with 10 male plants if you're really unfortunate. Or 7 can herm out if you have truly "stable" feminized seeds. Or conditions can mean only 2 survive germination. Grow outdoors, you don't know what's nearby that can "pollute" your strain.

    Those are not reasons not to do it, those are MY reasons. Most serious growers seem to swear by "seed to harvest, take the seeds from those to next harvest".

    Cloning..once you get the hang of making clones, one plant becomes 10 clones (10 EXACT copies) of the same FEMALE plant in about 8 weeks (let it veg to that, top and side trim, get 16 bits you can attempt to clone, do it even half right, you'll get at least 10 survivors worth putting in soil). ALWAYS female, seedless (no herming), and exactly as potent as the motherplant, unlike what happens if you flower, force to veg, flower, force to veg (which loses potency with each cycle). Just take clones from each "generation" of each pre-flower set, you grow the same plant many MANY times.

    My current 6 Orange Kushes are from one, the last crop, that had characteristics in smoke I wanted to keep. I HAD lined up to keep 4 of each strain I had in the 4 by 4 (16 clones off 4 plants), tested after flowering. Kept the OKs, tossed the rest, pulled an extra clone off the biggest 2 initial clones. Then I have a pair of Critical Kushes and a pair of Dutch Treat #5 fresh in this crop, to see how I like them.

    So that's money, ease, and quality covered, arriving at a larger plant when "vegging" stage is official, instead of "seedling" or "clone" stage.
    Those are MY reasons. Everyone else will have their own reasons for their own choices.

    Strains that are "easy"....I'm on the wet side of WA state, but the best sativas the dispensary gets in October/November (outdoor crop season weed) are from the east side of the mountains. So I'd suggest an indica or indica-dominant hybrid. Don't ask me why this is, since it's indicas that tend to be high and dry area plants in nature...I think it might be relative sunlight characteristics.

    On the other hand, the Afghan strains are indica and indica-heavy, and their bloodlines COME from high desert "wild" plants...so you may choose to just "do what nature does", find a nice sativa "jungle strain", and see what happens. After all, we're technically "temperate rainforest/jungle" up here.

    "Best strain" is hype. Some strains had to be "overbred" to establish solid lines, and it was done recently (generations-wise), so they have a tendency to be a bit more "touchy", but really, these are AMAZINGLY hardy plants...in nature, they don't die easily, and grow in almost any conditions. When we kill them as gardeners, either we failed to control something nature would otherwise control, over-controlled something, changed something too fast, or, in ignorance, failed to deliver something they'd get in nature in sufficient amounts to keep them healthy. So choose rather by "what space constraints?" (none, outdoors, so sativa or indica...no prob), and "what do I like to smoke?".

    There's your answer.
    You'll likely blow a crop or two or get shit yield the first time or two you grow on your own. Again, usually this comes from trying to over-control, and make controlling changes too quickly, combined with either not giving the plant enough of something it would get in nature, or giving it too much because of the "easy system" from the garden store that you chose to use.

    So do yourself a favor, and remember you are NOT a fat and sassy housewife trying to hang a few plants and maybe some flowers around the house as accessories, who's perfectly happy as long as they stay green and bloom AT ALL, so buys products where if she remembers to water them, they'll do OK.

    You are NOT growing a potted palm in the corner of the living room, you're growing a plant to get YOU potted.

    You can't legally grow over there until July 1. You stick seeds in the ground for an outdoor in late Feb, early Mar. They germ in about 3-4 weeks that time of year. They're in full on veg by mid April, at the latest. Don't screw yourself right out of the gate.

    "Skirt the law"...germ or get clones indoors at the proper time, chop them down way small, to about the size of 3 week veg seedlings, about a week before moving outside. Tah-dah, your "new" plants went in the ground when legal. That's going to shock the plants, guaranteed. Most will survive it, though.
    Take the risk--OR has stated they'll charge someone federal if they start growing illegally before the law takes effect, I believe? Do you want to take that chance?
    Spend the time and money setting up a small indoor, come July run a short indoor. Get two or three small short-plant crops before putting seeds or clones in outside at the proper time in 2016's grow season.
    Setup indoors, and start growing. Same as starting outdoors, right now, with less chance of being nailed to the wall, but that's still what's at risk.

    Take your pick.

    "Grow manual"...don't go with one.

    There's no single grower out there who has the whole industry down "bang". A lot of really good ones, though. Thing is, NO two people have exactly the same conditions to grow in, no two have the same problems.
    For instance, me and indoor lighting...read around, you'll find that "for now" I still swear by HID based systems, but counsel using a hybrid system to YOUR design based off information I freely spread about regarding light qualities. Other people have heat issues that prevent even considering HID in any part of it. Or such limited space CFLs are pretty much their ONLY realistic option. Some people can afford a one time fee of $300-$2000 for a good LED system, but can't afford a $150 increase in their electric bill from an HID that would cost them $200 total for the whole setup matching a $2000 LED (at mid height of plant) you get for LEDs at similar prices. But there are also some less expensive, good, LEDs out now, and they're going to keep getting better.

    You're on the "wet side" with me...you'll be battling mold, dry mold, mildew, and other fungals day and night your whole grow...inside or out. Someone who wrote a manual who has always grown in SoCal is goign to give you "bad advice" for your conditions...HE doesn't have the same issues.

    So you don't want *A* manual...you want to talk to as many growers who've had success as possible. Judge what successes they claim that seem honest, or better, can show. Judge what they tell you are the reasons WHY they do it a particular way...especially if they can show the science behind it. Or even just solid reasoning. Their method may not work for you, but knowing the science lets you know what it is you're trying to solve, no matter HOW you choose to solve it.

    Think of any grow community, like this one, to be a collection of parents discussing how to raise our "children". No two are identical, no two methods are identical. Some things work "universally", some are "workable" universally, some give best results in this circumstance, some in that circumstance, some are guaranteed to give you a runt who's best equipped to be a "mathlete", others result in a hulking big boy that will smash anything on a sports field (potent as hell), but be about as intelligent and charming (flavor) as your average rock. Talk, find out what people do and why, what problems YOU will face, or probably face, and how you are going to solve the problems, based off ideas developed from other people's methods or advice, or completely your own, based on the "hows and whys" others give you.

    There's no "right way" or "wrong way", as long as you do your best NOT to do things in ways that, if they happened in a natural state, would kill the plant. Your results will be higher or lower than target until you find exactly what works for you...or at least has the results you're willing to accept.
  13. Well I use FoxFarm Ocean Forest and light warrior mixed together for soil and I use botanicare nutes. If you use those you should be fine. As far as strains go, they're all gonna be different. I dont find any strains particularly harder to grow but pure sativas will take a lot longer so I would recommend getting an indica or hybrid. Northern Lights, Obama Kush, and blue dream are a couple strains that are easy to get here and they're on the indica or hybrid side so they will be a little easier.
  14. I grow four legal plants in all 15 of my gardens
  15. Okay so first of all thanks a bunch for all the helpful info. So what I have in the blueprints is get a 600 watt HID, foxfarm of blend & light warrior and mix it together for my soil, botanicare nutes and 4 clones of whatever. So if I add 4 ten gallon buckets , panda film and 4 way low stress training so I maximize production do I have a complete recipe or are any essentials still missing for an inaugeral grow. I realize that with anything experience/getting the feel for it is what's going to bring a satisfying harvest. And I will kill some plants at first. Im just trying to figure out what its going to take.
  16. And ive checked out a few other setups and I want one that's silly easy to to operate and as cheap and possible
  17. Good luck combining the two...especially if you want to get decent yield and quality...lol.
  18. With the genetics let's put it this way if y'all were to choose 4 out of - blue god cheese polio Obama permafrost sour d atf white rhino blue rhino Williams wonder trainwreck white widow black Betty ace of spades mango afgooey Blueberry vortex fucking incredible strawberry cough northern lights humbolt sugar plum pitbull golden skunk Shiva skunk Shiskaberry ruderalis super silver haze purple kush mazar medicine man and romulan which 4 would you pick. I've decided to go with 4 I think that if I challenge myself with multiple strains and more advanced techniques/methods and supplies my medicine is going to be more satisfying.
  19. I do similarly...running 6 Orange Kush, 2 Critical/Catatonic Kush, and 2 Dutch Treat #5, currently in the big tent.
  20. great minds think alike. I'm gonna do blue rhino, afghan goo, blue dream and cheese and swap out the one I like the least for blueberry. Then each year swap out the strain I like the least for a new one. Same kind of idea with my methods of growing just look at what aspects are doing my plants justice and find ways to improve upon them.

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