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  1. well i started growin these about 2 weeks ago and i know they arnt very good for how long they have been growing... we had some problems with the power (there is a pump plugged into an electrical outlet in the woods for a well, when i used a space heater and the pump started i would lose power and the pump would stop; i didnt figure this out untill the 2nd week).

    so now i leave the heater off but it still shows the temp (its about 70 degrees F at about 6:30 but and i dont think it gets under 60 at night i hope thats ok). i only had a black light for the first 9 days but then i got 2 60 watt incandesnt growing lights and a electrical timer from walmart. we did this for the remaining 5 days, after that i got 2 growing lights from a local greenhouse which i just set up today.i have the incandesnt lights and the growing lights on 18/6 hours, with the blacklight on 24/7.

    anyway on to the pics, sorry if there to big ;) :D
    here is the chest i have them in (very solid, it was a bitch to carry it out here):
    and the whole setup:
    heres the black light and the 2 new growing lamps:
    the timer:
    and close ups of the plants:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    they have grown quite a bit since i got the incandesnt bulbs but is there something im doing wrong, they are still kind of small...
    another thing, all those pots in the tool box are in about a half inch of water,

    i hadnt sprouted the seeds before i planted them but they sohuld be alright right..?

    if theres anyrthing i left out just ask, i had a long day and im kinda tired so i might have forgotten things.
  2. dude did you plant two seeds in one container? :| :| ... dont do that man, one seed per container. i'd say get lights closer
  3. i thought incandescent were bad only fluro,mh,hps but maybe for vegg its alright
  4. well i figure a 50 50 chance of a male so one plant will probibly be cut, i have heard bad things about incanescent to but i had $10 and nothing to spend it on. lol
  5. A few things.
    Im pretty sure that blacklights dont do shit for growing. Do not grow two plants in one container. THey will get rootbounded and die. Move them into separate cups as soon as you can. Also make sure you have wholes in the bottom sides your cups, your soil looked really wet. Anyway, good luck.
  6. black lights are useless. get rid of those other incandescent ones too. grab a CFL with a color temp as close to 6500K as you can. look for "daylight" or at least "cool light" for your veg state.
  7. one thing i forgot to say is i have literaly no money at all, this whole setup only cost me $10:cool: . i might go scrog ive been reading alot about it...
    another thing, i have nothing for ferts or ph testers. im going to keep the lights i have anyway because they keep the temp below freezing at night, we still get frost here:mad: does the extra spectrum help any of are the 2 incandescent lights and the blacklight useless. speaking of spectrum shouldnt i have a red light to because a friend of mine has one that he offered me:confused: ?
    im getting a fishtank from a friend so i might set that up with an air pump and transfer all the hydro to that... would this be a good idea?
    but im going to put holes in the sides of the hydro for now, i knew it was way to wet...
    its very humid in the crate to, can it be to high?
    i still dont no how long to have the lights on and at what times so a guide would be nice if someone wants to provide me with a link, im still new to all this so links to other well known weed sites would be cool to;)
    oh and what should i be expecting for a yeild the way its going now (the strain is purple haze and hydro)
  8. bad news...

    today when i went to check on the plants the temp was 90 degrees F!! there was no signs of damage to the plants which was weird but at least there alive, i unplugged the incandescents and the blacklight. they seem to be growing though, i will post pictures later tonight. i think one is a male, the leaves look different, its kind of a cluster of tiny round leaves.
    i think i might get my drill out and bore some 60mm holes in the sied of the box to keep the temp down (or would that attract bugs and stuff)...
    ohhh i dont no theres so many things i feel im doing wrong
  9. get rid of black lights!!, just creating extra heat and taking up space
  10. i already took out the black light and incandecsants
  11. so, they have no light now? if you can't buy a light, then you need to get them somewhere under sunlight...
  12. i only have the 2 floro's set up, they are aquarium lights from lights of america... i will get a link up asap, but wont the other lights do anything at all...?
  13. turns out i hae to ditch the grow...
    my house just got sold and i have to be out by may 1st, im going to leave the wwed where it is for now and then at the end of the month if my friend has his appartment by then move them there but for now its just going to die.
  14. poor babies. mail them to me and I'll raise them with love. ;)
  15. just plant em in ground and visit every so often

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