1st grow(stealthy speaker edition)

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  1. setup is in big speaker box with some random fluro up top and a 15 watt warm on a stick i can move up and down(cant afford a cool light yet). bag seed i had for a while. wish me luck =)

    day 1

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  2. just bought a compact thats about as big as my box =) thin puts out the same as a 150 watt incondecent bulb WOOT
  3. added two more lights to that lol damn its bright in there i'm at 4.5k lumens (alot of friggen candles) pics once i get the last few knick knacks in place
  4. after adding the lights one of the plants has its little round leaf curling up =( i may have over waterd them or it might be the long dark period it to to hook up the new ligths..hope to god its just a bit of stress from the dark
  5. ..they havent grown any all day...i'll know by the morning if it was just shock or if something else is wrong *crosses fingers*
  6. FINAL set up
    2 1200 lumens cfl
    1 2100 lumens cfl
    2 computer fans(one intake one exaust)
    1 peice of a pet/child gate i cut into a square to use for sog(cant afford wire lol)

    Walls are now lined with aluminum foil(dim side out of corse)

    built a reflector to put over the lights out of the same foil

    calked the lid so it will no longer look like an angel is living in my box.

    Final notation

    can only veg for 8 in this sucks but eh will have to do

    Its freaking BRIGHT in there.. i'm blind for about 5 mins after watering

    pc fans make to much damn noise..putting in a room with a fan and pc to drown it out though so its all good

    All and all i've spent a whopping $30 on this...so i cant complain

    If enough of you ask i might repost what i did in here or like do a step by step..

  7. it was just shock yay! they are growing again here are a few pics

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  8. Mmmm weed

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  9. Cool man, good luck on getting some bud outta those plants! What kinda seeds are they?
  10. random bag seed =) i'm poor
  11. dont just veg to 8" how big is you box (height x width x length) you can do a meathod called ScrOG wich you train teh plan to grow under ascreen then flower and allow al new growth tips to grow through the chickenwire screen and make a short plant that has allot of surface area. But first i want to see your dimentions so i can give you some advice on how to do it.
  12. O and you dont need an intake and exhaust fan, just have an exhaust fan and it will suck teh air though the hole that the other fan was at. my advice is to hook up a thermometer and see the temps, if they are high move that fan that was on the intake and hook it up at the top woith the other exhaust fan and make a larger intake hole. this meathod is called passive intake active exhaust. its allot better because if you ever need to control the smell (gets bad aorund weeks 2-3 of veg and extremly bad in flower) you will need a carbon filter on the exhaust. And the fact that the fans are always sucking from the box will not allow any air to escape from any cracks or holes it will all be sucked into the fans and through the filter.

    Do you have your lights mounted verticaly or horizontaly? They are suposed to be horizontal and some sort of reflector like a soda can works well http://www.overgrow.com/edge/gallery/3676/CFBurramys4.jpg
    just make the tabs a bit longer and lower to capture more of the side light and paint the inside of the can white.

    And foil is bad, it absorbs light and your much better off with flat white paint.
  13. 11 in by 13 in by 29 in 11 wide 13 deep 29 tall

    i have a screen and i plan to use the scrog method..i'm just a bit confused about it all even after all the reading..any advicee from the jolly green gaints would be most wonderfull XD

    i cant afford paint =( and eh i have 2 lights in there for now(3rd broke again) pics to follow
  14. top view of lights

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  15. side

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  16. oooo look at them grow! 2nd set of leaves is forming and their 1st set are twice as big yay! beh off to school

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  17. let that soil dry out a bit till the pots feel light, i think your overwatering a bit.

    but i have an awsome thread for you to check out. go out and buy a garbage can that fits nicely in that box adn do it like this guy did. Look at how he directed each shoot to diffrent holes in the screen then some were trained flat against the screen for a bit. and he sais how he got the lower growth to shoot ut by using twist ties when the main shoot hit hte top of the screen he bends the to p over with a twist tie and this makes the lower growth come out. then after teh growth starts he flowers and the plant does the begining of flower stretch and the lower shoots fill the screen.

  18. after i get done with this grow i might sell all the weed and build a better dresser grow space =) or hopefully i'll have a job again by then and can smoke alllll the weed an still make a new dresser
  19. did you read the thread? he got 1.3 oz with a 70w in a 12x12 area so if you can put a 70 or even better a 100w in your setup 1.5 oz is realistic after some experience thats every 2 1/2 months with a seperate veg room for a total of 6-7 oz a year wich is more then enough for most smokers and some buddies at 3.4g (1/8 oz) a week. And after that you can just put some cool floros or a 30w MH bulb in there and use it for moms and or clones for your biger box. but for now just stick with the compact floros, they will work fine. If you havent looked a 70w hps from home depot is $40.
  20. once i get money ima build the most bad ass stealth setup known to man XD but for now mr speaker will suit me i guess pics later today. and yah i read his post =) friggen genious

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