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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ice1017, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Whats up guys im new to the forum an ive already learned so much so thanks! Im starting my first grow inside a 6x6x8 closet and im using the bubble bucket method and only growing 1 plant for now but i just had some questions:

    1) What light would u guys recommend for one plant in the veg stage and for the flowering stage?

    2) Is a Ph meter needed for what im doing?

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  2. your first grow and your starting hydro LOL. goodluck bro
  3. I'd guess a 250w mh/hps digital ballast for the light. That way you can switch bulbs out for veg and flowering.
    I've never done hydro but a ph meter is deffinitly a must. Gotta keep it just right.
  4. your net pot is giant... whoa...

    no biggie....

    yes you need a ph meter... ph all water that goes into your res to 5.8.. use r.o. or distilled from the store..

    look up the lucas formula...

    and figure out a way to make your closet light proof... if you get light leakage during flower you might end up with a male or a hermie... so turn on a light in your closet at night and if you can see the light in the room you have a light leak... gotta stop that
  5. You would be fine with a 600 w hps, it wouldnt be to much for veg and it would flower jus fine... :) plus u can just get a cheap ballast n it would do good with jus tht one plant.. N ya get a ph tester need tht and if u got the money u need somethin to test the ppm too... Look up charts online on what ur ppm needs to be from veg to flower.. it changes so just keep up with it..
  6. THanks guys! i got the ph meter and im still deciding on lights. But what are ways to totally lightproff a closet??
  7. whoa 600 watt HPS is overkill for one plant

    you would be fine with 150 watt MH for veg and a 150 watt HPS for flower or 100-150 watts of daytime cfl's for veg and 100-150 watts of soft white CFL's for flower

    and you will definitely need a ph meter
  8. thanks guys! i decided to go tomorro an get a daytime cfl around 6500k and 150 watts if i can. hope thatll do:cool:
  9. are you only vegging your plant?...

    your gonna need 150 watts of 2700K as well
  10. i went with a 150w daytime cfl. thanks for all the advise!:D
  11. what the duplicate avatar? haha tripped me out.

    I started out with cfls's but their progress isn't as fast as I'd like to be. I just ordered a cmh/conversion bulb, 400 watts. It was like 60 bucks for the bulb from htg I believe, 75 shipped if I remember.

    With the ceramic metal halide you won't need to switch your bulb out. The plants will be getting a spectrum as near to sunlight as possible from a lightbulb.

    The only thing with the HID's is heat, already with 8 cfl's my grow box mantains around 88 with circulation and venting.
  12. yeah my 2nd grow ill hopefully go with better bulbs but im just testing it out for now :)

    some updates on my setup/ plant

    and can someone please tell me what it means when the top of 2 of the leaves are a little brown?? is it going to die?

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  13. 88 is hot isnt it??
  14. mine are running about that temp looking ok
  15. whats the actual watts? you're reading the 150 watt equivalent, its not actually 150 watts its much lower
  16. I would just get a 600w HPS for vegetation and flowering. If you use the tap water should be around 7 pH once you add your nutrients gonna drop to the proper level! Tho you might as well get a pH meter and ppm meter!

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