1st Grow Questions - 4x4x7 Grow Tent - Hempy Bucket - 600w HPS - 4 plants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shah456, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    This is going to be by 1st grow and I've been reading up a bunch of stuff on this forum. I think the following will be my set up.

    4x4x7 grow tent in my bedroom
    600 watt hps/mh light set up
    4 plants in hempy buckets
    carbon or charcoal filter exhaust

    The questions I have are the following:

    1) Is the 4x4x7 tent enough room for 4 plants?

    2) Is the 600 watt hps/mh light combo enough for the 4 plants?

    3) How much wattage do they suggest per plant?

    4) Will this set up spike my current electric bill? (I don't think it would)

    5) Will I need to be concerned about humidity?

    6) What type of seeds are good for a 1st grow?
  2. !)yes
    @) yes
    #) its per foot, 50 wt per sq ft
    $) nah, about 30 or so dollas
    %) not really, it will be dry by the light, and all the air unless ure really humid house
    ^) WW, forgiving. And I duno any others off my mind, but u can grow anything, its a weed MATE@
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  3. i run the same set up i can clarify on that 30$ sounds about right
  4. with that 600w i wouldnt plant more than 4 plants, electricity in england that would cost you about two pound per every 18 hour cycle.. seeds just dont use autos anytime soon until your experienced, humidity isnt vital my rooms about 40 % from start to finish and dosent bother my plants, as far as space gose i cant help you there no knowledge, buy ph up and down and a good ph metre before doing anything this is make or break, research like crazy my first two grows was just full off stupidity and mistakes

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