1st grow: Pre-Grow check list. Review desired!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dr Hoops 23, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I'm looking to set up a double tent grow-op in my basement in feb. After a load of research, I've comprised of this list of equipment:

    Veg Tent:
    - iPower 400w Dimmable mh/hps wing set. $134.74
    - Aviditi 4x2x5 grow tent $ 90.38
    - iPower inline fan/co2 filter/duct combo. $154.40

    Flower Tent:
    - iPower 600w Dimmable mh/hps wing set. $169.24
    - Aviditi 4x4x6.5 grow tent. $125.00
    - iPower inline fan/co2 filter/duct combo. $154.40

    So this is what I have come up with equipment wise. I appreciate any and all responses. Is there anything else I need? Will there be proper ventilation with the equipment that I have listed? Anything helps. Thanks guys!
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    Thats gonna be a well ventilated room mate - are you gonna extract outside?

    Consider purchasing the follwing -

    Pots, growing mediums and feeding solutions

    Digital timers

    Oscillating fans (for stem thickness)

    Monitoring equiptment - thermometer - hydrometer - PH tester - 100ml + 10ml pipette.

    PH up+down.

    Fly paper + other pest control

    Soft twisty plant ties + plant labels

    A propagator/humidity dome for taking clones + rooting gel/powder and rockwool cubes

    A watering can with a shower thing on the end + a quality, measured atomizing sprayer.

    a note book + calendar
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    Am I gonna need to extract outside? Nothing is set in stone yet. I'm gonna use Eco friendly re-usable grocery bags (as they are the same fabric as smart pots for like 15% of price) They hold roughly 4 gallons. I can pick up 2 oscillating fans. I was hoping to get away with using ph strips.. Worth the gamble? Timers come with the lights. I'm getting two humidity and temp monitors. I'm going with fox farm happy frog.. Using the ff nute trio. And also planned on getting all the clone necessities. And ph control kit.

    Is there a such thing as over ventilation?
  4. You don't need to vent outside at all. I don't I use a 400cfm fan with fan controller running through a Carbon Scrubber. It vents out into my apartment. With the carbon scrubber there is no smell coming from the grow room and if you get a good enough carbon scrubber you will not smell anything from the grow room.

    Something you might want to consider making is the DIY ONA bucket, the DIY is on this forum in the DIY section. It does a great job of masking any odors if they do escape your grow room and makes the house smell good. I have one extra in the bathroom just to counter the cat lol.

    Also you are going to have to think about your growing medium are you going soil, hydro based, or Coco coir?
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    i like what your tellin me about the ventilation! thats what i needed to hear. It won't be too much ventilation would it? (to where it threatens the integrity of the environment of my tents.)

    Im growing in soil. Eventually in organic soil... but as organic soil needs time to settle; my first few grow will be in 4 gal smart bags, with Fox Farm's Happy Frog Potting Soil.

    And I appreciate your input on the DIY bucket.. I will definitely look into that, since security is of the UPMOST concern lol.

    And Is it worth the gamble to use pH test strips (cheaper) then to buy an expensive digital meter? Im eventually going all organic, in which I've heard pH testing is hardly needed (just for the pH of the water)
  6. If you are going organic you don't have to have a ph meter, the soil will take care of the PH for you.
  7. Right, that's what I thought. I also heard that you can re-use your organic soil... is this true? and how long does it take for the soil to settle (after i mix everything) before i can use it?
  8. I'd still use litmus papers to make sure - The PH can be wrong - even if your using organic mediums + feeds.
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    alright so I have decided to grow organic right off the bat. That being said, this is the ammended list...

    - Veg Tent/Light/Fan/Filter/Ducting $379.52
    - Flower Tent/Light/Fan/Filter/Ducting $448.64

    - Organic Soil $150.00
    - Eco Bags (Smart Pots) $ 20.00
    - 2 Hygrometer's $ 30.00
    - 2 small fans (strengthen stems) $ 30.00
    - Propagator (3pck) $ 20.00
    - Rockwool Cubes (45pck) $ 15.00
    - Clone Root Gel $ 20.00
    - Watering Supplies + Starter pots $ 20.00
    - pH Up/Down + pH Test Strips $ 25.00
    - Total = $1,158.16 + Seeds

    Any noticable discrepensies.. or anything necessary that I left out? I appreciate all yor guys' help and support! Respect.

  10. Hi Doc, You can save yourself $20 by dumping the MG starter soil, Just use your base minus amendments.:D
  11. forreal Marv? even tho the base soil will not have been "cooked" for 3ish weeks yet? if so, thats beautiful man, thank you! Im gonna just edit that on my original post to update it with your ammendment
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    DJ hoops - this video is very controversial so you should obviously seek other opinions - i posted it on someone else's post a while ago and it sparked of a massive debate.

    Personally - I think he raises some very good points.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT7hCXOENIw]Organic vs. Chemical - YouTube[/ame]

    I love advanced nutrients - Grow,Micro,Bloom ph perfect

  13. You use the base Before the addition of amendments the "cooking" happens after you add amendments.
    I have seeds coming up now in my cooked mix(60 days+) to see if it burns them,so far so good but, they just came up yesterday.:D

  14. :pThis guy is an Idiot trying to sell you some garbage. Sure it works, works very well.
    Organic works very well also, for him to discount it shows his true motive here.:mad:
  15. Discount what?

    I think he raises some good points - i'm not saying that it doesn't work or that it isn't better in principal - but don't you think that the "organics isn't quantifiable" debate is valid?

    Just food for thought - i'm not saying that one is better than the other - just that it is still debatable...
  16. Spend the extra cash and get the air cooled hoods. It is going to get really hot with those wings you are thinking about. Also get two fan speed controllers for your inlines. Like 12 bucks on amazon.
  17. Uh oh, that video again...

    Not better, just different.

    For me it's not so much a chemical or organic question, it's a soil-or-hydro question. Your growing medium is really the only thing that should be deciding which one you choose.

    Using soil with salt-based fertilizers is working against yourself. Soil has the advantage of being able to sustain a strong bennie support system, why work against that by aggravating the system with unnecessary salts?

    If you're using a non soil medium like hydroton, rockwool or perlite, there is really no importance to that system. Trying to use organics in a non soil medium can be shooting yourself in the foot...how is the plant going to chelate trace metals without the help of bacteria? Chemical fertilizers already contain chelating agents; without the presence of a buffer zone it doesn't make much sense to me to not use chemical ferts.

    Soil and non soil also have two different purposes imo. Soil is a great potential candidate for your medium if you haven't made cultivation your job. But let's face it: hydroponic growth rates absolutely dwarf soil growth rates, by a wide margin. Doesn't say anything about the quality, but if you are in the business, the efficiency of hydroponics makes the decision an absolute no-brainer.

  18. What good points exactly? His understanding of basic botany is laughable.
    I could feel brain cells committing suicide as I watched. As far as organics not being quantifiable, it doesn't need to be as the soil reaches a balance. No need to measure if the results prove it.
    Some like everything precise and measured, Hydro is the cats meow for them.
    I like to know about both.
  19. This thread has spiraled into a peeing contest. OP get those air cooled hoods.
    Trout Out
  20. Is it really necessary? (air cooled hood)

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