1st grow. Permafrost. CFL

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  1. hi everyone,

    i lurk these boards a lot lately and have decided to show you why.
    I am a registered MJ patient and i happend to find one seed in a 1/2 Oz. of some reaaaallllll nice permafrost i had. I suspect it was a hermie.

    That being said i decided to stick it into some soil and low and behold a little sprout appeared.

    It is in MG soil, it was all we had and i didnt really plan on growing it out.
    I have been LST'ing her...yes thats right, HER!

    I just started flowering on saturday and there are already some little white hairs sticking out.

    I let her veg a lot longer than i wanted so she is a little big, she is also stinking up my basement!

    I took 4 cuttings from her on saturday, they still look healthy but no roots yet.

    OK time for some pictures because i really don't feel like writing. :smoking:
    Sorry for the low quality, can't find the digi.....and i guess i could have turned the lights off.

    Also, i guess i should mention i've just been using CFL's. About 185W (actual) 2700-6500k

    I will say, I have been enjoying this a lot. I know a decent amount about plant biology (part of my major) and have enjoyed growing ghost peppers/other extremely hot chilis indoors in the past.

    If i can squeeze together some cash i plan to build a very small growbox to keep the personal stash going.

    thanks for all the great info GC. :hello:

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