1st grow, needs some advice! *HeLP*

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  1. hi, right now im growing in a 2 dower dresser and i know my plant would have to stay small if i keep it in that. ( i will post pics of it ) but anyways after smoking a bowl of some Boobadeboo i got to thinking, i will go down stairs and use what i have and make a flowering box. and so far this is how far i got. i made walls out of some kind of cardboard/wood i had. and put a 1st coat of white paint on it. i have another piece of wood i will be adding at the bottom. so you would have to lean in to put stuff in, and have a piece of wood that will make a door when i get hinges. im figure out lighting in a bit, but for venting and cooling there is holes in the top back. ( i took a pic so u can see) but i wanna put some kind of fan up there and air scubber. and mabe annd put a mesh at the bottom for a vent so air can get out? i dont have a measure tape so i cant tell how tall or deep but i would say around 5ft and 3ft deep. anyone have any suggestion? i wanna cfl cause im broke and it still does the job good
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] the plant is about 3 weeks old. it has 1 leaf that has a lil yellow spot. so i started using. mg tomato food. cause i cant find foxfarm stuff anywhere! i just lst'd it last night and its looking beautiful. when the other plant is 2 weeks behind, i'll show a pic once its gets lil bigger. it kinda streched but owell. help with box please? :smoke:

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  2. order your fox farms soil online...

    if your trying to save cash... use computer fans and get a switchable power supply from radio shack..... if your going to make a flower box make sure you have light traps.. you don't want light getting into your grow space... might make your plants hermie...
  3. yea im prolly gonna be making the flower box in the room under the stairs, so ima try to make it as light proof as i can, were never in that room, and only will go in during the 12hour time. the back where i was planing on making the outtake fan holes is gonna be hard. im thinking of an idea if i can come up with a drawing i will post it.

    i just painted a 2nd coat of white paint. then gonna hook up the door and bottom, then start light proofing it.

    i also added 150w eqiv watt light with a metal reflecter in the box, that has a clamp that i will be putting int the flower box later with more. thisi is somthing i drew up during break at work today. want it to look like this, will add more lights too it.

    [​IMG] so the bottom cant be mesh cause its a flower box. so can anyone help with a venting and outtake? was thinking of putting more lights on the side like that. :smoke:
  4. bad news, i hooked up a light in the new flower box and i can see alot of lightleaks, so ima have to make a trip to home depot and buy some sheets of wood to try to fix that.
  5. ah alright will do, i'm thinking of taking down the walls i have alrdy and start over with the new wood i get. im trying to build this from a semi looking box alrdy built into the apt. so cant move it.

    those willl help with the venting at the top, can i hook a scrubber to that?

    my leafs are starting to get a lil yellow spots on it, i dont havea ph meter so not sure what to do
  6. yep you can hook your filter to a pvc light trap and you need another to let air in the grow space... so a total of two light traps.. unless your filter stops the light... but better to just have two

    good move starting over...

    maybe paint it black before the white to ensure you lock your light in, or out or whatever

    as far as the ph meter goes....... soil or hydro.. gonna need one...

    good news.... if its soil just purchase some dolomite lime and sprinkle... and your plant should right itself in a few days...you still need to know your ph, gonna need a ph pen

    if its hydro... you still need to know your ph, gonna need a ph pen

    so in summary... you still need to know your ph, gonna need a ph pen

    you can get by with the little vile ph test kit.... but it's super hard to figure out... but its still better than you have now..

    i'd say order the pen first.. before the home depot trip.. way more important.. people find them online for like 20 dollars... reg, forty... so look around... but your gonna need a ph pen... its so much easier
  7. here's my plant, 4 weeks in. i need to get paid so i can work on my flower box
  8. you might wanna think about flowering if thats the top of your box... your plants will triple in size when you flip to flower... or are they autos?

    the plus side is your plants look really good...

    maybe get some Y bulb splitters and stick more lights in there.. wouldn't hurt and its cheap.. get bulk pack lights at lowes and the Y splitters to add the lights... couldn't be more than ten bucks... and your plants will thank you
  9. yea thats just the 2 drawer dresser i was gonna do lil plants in but then was thinkin of just using it to veg in then take out when they get to big.

    which bulbs to get? the packs were all like 27watts and shit. the one in the reflecter is a 150wat equiv couldnt find those in mutlipacks those were 12 each.

    i was gonna try to see if some y things would fit.

    they are both from seeds. 1 is 2 weeks older tho.
  10. 5700k for vegging your plant (daylight bulbs)
    2700K for flowering your plant(soft white)

    you wanna try to have 100W(actual wattage not replacement) per plant

    shop at lowes... i love their bulk packs super cheap
  11. yea i was looking and i couldnt find any packs with anything close to being 50-100 watt bonus or single packs.
    im not sure what my other 3 bulbs are but i know my new one is 2700k which i wanted since flowering is coming soon, and it stil helps
  12. they don't have to be super high wattage... i was actually talking about the 23 watters

    you want 100 watts.... just use four of them, or more... then you have your wattage...

    im sorry i should have spelled that part out
  13. ah yea, i will prolly pick someo of those up then, i wanna put more in my dresser but dont think there is room, so gotta finish flower box soon. i was thinking what if i just lined that box i alrdy made with emergaecy blankets? that will reflect more then this white, will make it light proof too. just gotta cut holes for fans.

    plants seem to be getting bigger. my biggest one has alot of fan leaves, ccan barly see it cause im lstin it. should i trim some fans or let them just collect light?

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