1st grow need help & advice (with pics)

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  1. Hi everyone from GrassCT, i just started my 1st grow and was wondering if my babies are doing okay.

    Anyways it had been a week into my growth and while looking around at everyone else diary i was wondering if my plant is growing very slow or not?

    Here is my set up..

    *pc case growth.
    *130w 65k CLF.
    *reflective mylar on all the inside.
    *In take and exhaust fan.
    *some organic soil & perlite.
    *spring water.
    * 2 feminize seeds.

    It had been more than a week (today is day 9) into the growth. After germinating the seeds and after they show their tap roots, i plant them into the soill, mix with perlite (70/30 - 70 soil and 30 perlite) in a pot which had already been pre-watered. I left the 2 babies under the light 24/7 for the past 9 days and watered them occasionally when the soil seems dry. The temperature is around 25c / 78.2f.

    I don't know if this is going okay. I just need some advices.

    1. When do i need to start using a timer and change it to 18/6? and before doing that should i transplant them into a bigger pot? ( im on my way of building a grow closet )

    2. Before transplanting them into a bigger pot, should i add a few different mix into the soil? like some grow nutrients?


    Here are a few pics... pic 1 is both of the the girl, pic 2 is Early Girl (she seems to grow abit faster) and pic 3 is L8 Blooma (she grow abit slower than Early Girl). Sorry about the quality.

    Looking forward to all the pros advice. Cheers :cool:

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  2. High there, looks like any other seedlings to me. You seem to be doing it right, don't add nutes for another few weeks and don't worry about transplanting just yet either. You can switch your lights to 18/6 if you likr or any other veg cycle you can even leave them on 24/7 for the whole of the veggy period if you like.

    Give them time, Im sure they will take off soon.

    Good luck
  3. thank you for the reply, at least i know now i'm not doing anything wrong. I will switch them to 18/6 when i get my grow closet done, hopefully in 3 days times. :)
  4. They look good. I planted on the 11th and I got sprouts last night.
  5. looks just like my setup
  6. Hello everyone from grass ct. Today is day 25th into the grow.

    Thought id post 2 pic of the 2 girls.

    Should i start transplanting them to a bigger size pot? and should i also add some nutrients?

    Also one question ... how come the other plant(L8 Blooma) seems like it stop growing? the leaves seems to be dieing.. no one seems to reply to this thread anymore :(

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  7. yea dude those pots look really small, ii transplanted mine at like 20 days and they took off from there.. there like 26 27 days and twice that size.. gl man( that might help with the yellow leaves but not sure)
  8. Help i don't know if theres anything wrong but i think shes not growing any taller at all. So far its day 35 now and i haven't add any nutes or fert. Lights are 18-6 and temp around 28C'

    Just been watering her every now and then. Can anyone tell me why shes not growing any taller?:confused:

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  9. What light are you using and are you keeping it close to the top of the plants?
  10. im using 130w CFL 65K. They are like 50cm away from the light.

    I've done some more reading on the forum and found out that i was suppose to add nute in week 3-4??? :confused:

    Now its week5 i sorta stuff it up huh? God Daym im gonna run get some now.
  11. Saywah... Don't wig out if you don't see any growth on your plants for a short period of time, there is a lot going on with the root system that you don't see... Big mistake by most newbies because they think something is wrong with their plants because they don't actually see physical growth and really they're just doing what they normally would and that's build a strong root system to continue larger growth... Check your lighting as well... You may want to stick with a few 70watt cfl's in a PC Stealth Box. Hope this helps!
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    thank you for the replies. I actually moved her into a grow box that i've build 2 weeks ago. Im just confuse cos i forgot about the nute part.:eek:

    Heres a pic of the box. Top is for veg and bottom for flowering.

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