1st grow n i gotta quick ?

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  1. iight im growin some bagseed and i was wondering y my stems so damn weak and all yalls b lookin durable den a muthafucca.help a playa out.(i planted da bitch like 3 weeks ago didnt srout till 1 week lol)
  2. wow

    Anything we post will be written using correct grammar and spelling. Which by the looks of your thread I doubt you will understand. Another words "YoU gotz to katch up on yo propa talk before you come hollerin at these G's pfft... WestSide naaaaaaaaaah meeeaaaaaannnn.
  3. u gonna help me out or what man?
  4. well "playa", theirs a lot of unknowns about your situation. You could lightly bend them with your fingers or put a fan on them. Any stress on the stems triggers the plant to strengthen them. Maybe your plant isnt getting enough light? It could be stretching? In that case you need stronger lighting. You really havent given us much information about your situation. Good luck with your "bitches". hah
  5. lol iight i cut a 2 liter soda bottle and i planted my seed 3.5 weeks ago but it took 1 week to sprout. I got 1 120V 6000 Lumens Sprily lamp thing about 1/2 in. over my plant and my plant stands about 2 in. So really my question is do I transplant or continue a lil more in the soda bottle.
  6. You're still being vague. Im not sure what a "sprily" lamp is and couln't find any information about it online. Your light source should be one of three sources when artificial that is: Fluorescent, metal halide or high pressure sodium(HPS). Otherwise your not giving the proper spectrum for the plant to use. Is your light the proper source? Incandescent doesn't work. When you say "lamp" thats what I think of, but then again you said its only a half inch above the plant which makes me think its probably fluorescent? Anyways about the soda bottle. Its translucent, I would just get a proper pot for the plant, some people argue that plant roots dont like light. For now though you can use the bottle for a little while longer, but eventually I would get it into a proper pot that holds at least 3-5 gallons of soil.
  7. Sorry if I didn't get the full message, but Ebonics is not my native language.

    Most seedlings are long and spindly for a little while because most of the plant's energy is devoted to making roots.

    6000 lumens is a gracious plenty amount of light, but I don't think that you're getting that from one mini-spiral CFL bulb. So to get any valid advice, get your facts together.
  8. thanks.yea i think its 2500 or 2300 somethin like that iont kno.but good looking gc
  9. My lights put out about 15,500 lumens in a 3 square foot area. CFL bulbs are relatively cheap (around $10 for 27 Watt mini-spiral bulbs. Look for the color temperature of the bulbs on the package. I'm having good success with a mix of Soft White (2700 degrees Kelvin) and Daylight (5500K) CFLs. Oh yeah, I also use a 70W HPS security light.

    The most important thing you can give your plants (besides TLC) is light...get more.


  10. this is the internet. you don't have to put up a front. just type the words out how they're supposed to be.
  11. werd. Using my built-in mental ebonics translator, he has 1 5000k (always underestimate numbers given in ebonics) Sprial Compact Fluorescent. Wattage Unknown. Sitting about 2 inches off his plant tops.

    My answer: put a fan in there to strengthen stems, bro.
  12. Some people aren't as literate. lol, maybe that is how he really talks, I call it gg (ghetto grammer)

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