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  1. So i a have been reading up on this forum and other for quite some time now and decided on a plan of action. I had a mini fridge lying around that i am not using or intend on using. I gutted it out and cut a small square in the back for an intake fan on the bottom and used the all ready existing exhaust fan about half way up. This is my 1st grow and its bag seed. They are on 12/12 from seed so i can tell ASAP who my girls are. I am makeing a bigger Flowering box out of an old book shelf, but its in the works. I have 1 Soft white 42watt CFL and one 27Watt daylight CFL in the fridge. Demnisions are 17"wide 17"deep 19"tall. I have 6 solo cups in it. I know that space is going to be used up quickly and i prolly dont have enough light but i am not planning on keeping all 6. I made a ghetto mini Cool tube out of a 2 liter bottle and the inside of beer can on top for a reflector. Fans are wired to PC supply bolted to the back. 1 fan on each light. on the bottom i have some towels with ice so keep the temps down. As the cooler air is drawn in, it goes over the Ice cooling it further. Any input or suggestions?
  2. good homebrew idea, bro. I've been rambling on about the possibilities of growing refrigerators, glad someone has decided to try it.

    Few Ideas: Mylar the inside of that immediately. Your cooltube was a good idea, but I don't know how nessesary it is for lights that small. You will want to update those lights as soon as possible. One 105 watt 6500K would be pretty awesome in there, with a better built cooltube.

    If you do get serious with growing, that would make an awesome clone chamber.
  3. good job, and a great idea!
  4. sweet rig man! i just did the same with an older nightstand, it will be my first "cab" grow.
    good luck with it broseph!
  5. Well here at my babies at day 6 on 18/6
    Tell me what ya think?
  6. shoulda done it in a bigger fridge, theres a medium sized one like 5.3cft or some bs
  7. PLEASE keep us update on this...this is such a good idea you have....I have a mini fridge sitting around from college, that I was planning on never using again....

    I am definitely going to pursue this idea in the near future, so keep the posts up, with as much detail as you can...I will be checking here daily!

    +Rep for you...I'll certianly be back with questions...
  8. Just some questions as to your setup. What strain are you growing. And also what kind of soil is that your using. It seems to have a lot of bark in it. Also appears you may want to add some more perlite.

    Just a personal preference here but I find that a good 50/50 ratio of perlite to soil medium works well. Also when using soil it seems that a more fine top soil with better draining seems to allow more root growth than having to much solid chunks such as bark, ect.

    Well hope that helps some man. Just some information that works for me. Good luck with your grow and keep us posted.

  9. what you gonna do once they start actually growing....
  10. Well here they are at day 12, Im growing some bag seeds just to get a feel for growing and and process it takes. I am seeing that my plants are starting to drop and tips turn a dark green/brown. I guessing that this is something to do with the Nitrogen(Im getting PH strips tommrow and hopefully finding some perlite and some soil that doesnt have so much fuckin bark in it. Now i heard useing dolomite lime in the mixture usually lowers the PH to around 5.6-6.2 range and that is what i want. Is this tru? i havent started the nuts yet, i have some all purpose 24-8-16 but ima wait until i get the soil issues worked out. My temps are between 90 day and 70 at night. I spray to keep it a lil humid. (40-70%) I have them under 2 42 cool with an option of having 4 42 watts(the heat is to much as of right now). Once they get bigger ill move them down to the bottom and not have them sittin on that tray and once they have a couple nodes on them ill flower and get a small lil yeild. I have a larger closet im doing a Big bang Hydro Scrog but that is down the road. This is just a low budget feeler-outer if you will.
  11. here are the pics

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  12. Well im only growing for personal use that is why these plans are so small, so iv had them in flower for about a week and i veged for about 3 weeks, im giving them with some 15-20-15 nutes mixed with pond water and PH adjusted. What ya guys think?

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  13. definitely deserve rep for this.. i'm thinking of doing something similar for my first.. i'll let u know how it goes! peace
  14. Ö Veged for 3 weeks only? ...so they will probably produce one small bud each, right?
  15. yea thats right only small buds mabye 2-5 grams a plant, if they are all females....finger crossed. Its only for personal use and i am a light weight and dont smoke that often.
  16. so i think i got a set of all males, what do you guys think?

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  17. my p's are around exactly the same age and i pulled my males before they even had 3 ball's come on man get them out of there they deff look like males, and at least in my case my females preflowered pistils quickly after the little budlet's appeared, almost immeadiately. just my opinion...

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